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Modern legacy- a blog started by a young 25 year old woman from Brisbane, Queensland. Kaitlyn Ham already two thirds into her law and arts degree began her blog purely because she needed a creative outlet. Her minimalist style in 'Modern Legacy' shows her clean, classic modern edge as she is photographed by her boyfriend with a DSLR camera (whom he had never used before!).

Having no real expectations for her blog, Ham had only had the simple idea of creating original, authentic content which was her initial motivation for her to start her blog and still what motivates and inspires her to this day. "One of my greatest passions is inspiring others in the interpretation and execution of their own style" expressed through her writing and her images. "If i can make someone stop and think twice about how they wear a piece of clothing or simply fall in love with fashion over and over again each time they view my content, then that is the most amazing thing."  

But what inspires Ham's style? "My mood, the weather and knowing what best suits my body". Her blog clearly shows her style and look of what suits her body, with minimalistic colours and basics such as leather and denim being incorporated. The modern edge that she expresses inspires so many of her viewers, and "for her to be a source of inspiration for literally thousands of people is such an honour and a gift", which inspires her back into keeping doing what she does, everyday. Her favourites stores in Australia includes Tuchuzy and Green with Envy which has local and international designer pieces. Internationally, Shopbop, Net-a- porter and Asos are her top shopping destinations with their competitive pricing and extensive range. 

A day off for Ham entails a break from her laptop, since being constantly surrounded by blogging and her other freelance endeavours she delves herself to do other activities which requires little thought and effort as possible such as breakfast by the beach, taking a walk to the shops or catching a movie, allowing her to spend maximum quality time with the important people in her life.

The love and support from Ham's family and friends is one of the most important things in Ham's life, with her mother as who she looks up to. "Not only is she an incredible source of spiritual and psychological guidance but also her extensive knowledge on building and governing a successful business has really shaped my approach to building a blog and brand. She always encouraged me to engage in my passion and utilise my talents, which I can be forever grateful for". 

When asked what advice she could give for bloggers who are just starting out "be passionate, authentic and original. It is so important to find your own voice amongst the myriad of others out there- find it, own it and use it without compromise". Ham would tell her younger self though not to worry about pleasing others so much, everyone will have an opinion and learning to follow your intuition when it comes to the decisions in your life is so important.

The "less is more" approach is always used when accessorising her outfits. Ham believes that often just one or two fine jewellery will be all that is needed such as her collection of fine rings each from her mother, grandmother, boyfriend and sister, "I aim to find pieces that lend only very subtle hints of glamour or edge, leaving the outfit itself to do most of the talking".

Ham's prediction of jewellery trends for 2014 show unique, signature pieces that you wear day in, day out. "A return to the classics, pieces that have a special background and origin. It could be that one seriously amazing statement piece from your favourite brand, or a pint- sized ring you have owned since childhood that still never fails to grace your hand each day, even if you can fit it on your pinkie. The pieces that stay with you, for one reason or another, that you want to wear all the time."

Ham's blog Modern Legacey has collaborated with The Dark Horse Jewellery to show an exclusive collection of pearl necklaces, getting back into classic pieces with a twist of a modern edge.

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Posted On March 12TH 2014

“Dont grow up too fast, appreciate every minute you have with your family.”
A sentence that stands out in our interview with Beck Wadworth from An Organised Life. Hailing from Marlborough in the South Island of NZ, where her family is still based, Wadworth moved to sunny Bondi at the start of 2013.

The self- confessed organised freak along with her blog 'An Organised Life' has shown readers an insight into her simple yet chic life. Walking into The Dark Horse office, her outfit reflects her signature style, an image that is recognisable with her blog. "My signature style is minimalist with black & white and statement typography" says Wadworth definitely showing her feminine, clean, structured and classic look. Wadworth has also launched her stationary collection releasing a Limited Edition Twenty Fourteen Diary and Notebook sets for the "fashion forward girl to have something classic but modern in her fast past but exciting life".
Exciting it has definitely been since moving to Sydney, Wadworth has been working full time in the fashion industry across marketing, PR and social media and juggling her blog. Wadworth's blog has been a pinpoint into expressing her interests and inspiration and sharing them with her readers hoping to inspire them as well. When it comes to what inspires her, she expresses her love for typography, blogs and magazines as key factors. 
The Corner Shop, Cristopher Esber, Lover, Celine Bags (on her wish list), Rag and Bone, Charlie Horse Clutches, Karen Walker Jewellery & Sunglasses, The Row, Bec & Bridge, NZ label Ruby, Topshop are just a few of the stores and brands that Wadworth loves to shop. Whereas, in the beauty department, one of her 2014 new year resolution is to improve her daily beauty regime, though beauty is still a part of life that she loves, she's never too far from her Mac Lipstick and Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. Not looking too far for style inspirations, Wadworth turns to other bloggers, magazines and online platforms very influential, and as a shopper herself, she can be defined as a 'researcher' looking for that perfect black heel or animal print clutch for days or even weeks! 
In her days off, Wadworth describes "it starts off with a morning walk from Bondi to Bronte, breakfast at Will & Co (my favourite hidden gem), grab some beautiful fresh flowers from the Bondi Markets, catch up on An Organised Life work, catch with friends, call my family in NZ, have a wine in the sun, make homemade pizzas and watch a movie at home with my man". Things she can't live without for this blogger is her iPhone, diary, family and her boyfriend Jason. 
Every girl has a go to piece of jewellery, Wadworth's is a solid silver bracelet her parents gave her when she moved to boarding school at age 13, along with her Super Fine Karen Walker rings, necklaces and bracelet. Classic and simple pieces are her strong points, meaning delicate rings and necklaces for her everyday wear. Her recent projects include collaborating with The Dark Horse Jewellery and The White Label to show off what will be big in accessories "statement ear cuffs will definitely still be around for 2014, and beautiful modern takes on old classics such as pearls". 

For those who are looking to also starting a blog, Wadworth stands by "being true to yourself and finding your own niche", whereas if she could give herself advice to her younger self "Don't grow up so fast, appreciate every minute you have with your family". The down to earth blogger surrounds herself with family, design, fashion, organisation and creativity. 

Photogrpahy // Nicole Cooper
Make Up & Hair // Jess Chapman
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Written By Leanne Lo 

Top It Off // Absorb Magazine

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CC Skye cuff and Sarina Suriano Ear Cuff featured on Resident Luxe


Posted On August 22TH 2013

Jewellery from The Dark Horse used in the Alchemy Magazine shoot.

MET GALA .. Inspired by PUNK

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As the weather gets colder in our beautiful hometown in Sydney, we have slowly been noticing the shift in peoples energy. As the complaints lesson, there has been a great amount of people appreciating the beauty in life.

Perhaps we should thank Instagram, at first a means of taking pointless photos with an intense amount of hashtags, now has become a hub of learning to appreciate all moments in life, from the small (this is the best coffee of my life!) to the bigger (it's a girl!).

We are not going to weigh in on the debate of whether Instagram is good or bad although we will talk about the fact that this week, we have really enjoyed the beautiful comments left on our page, emailed to us or (one special customer) who called just to say thank you!

Is this all apart of the shift in energy with people being thankful or do we just have amazing customers?

Either way, this week we have learnt that not only are our customers truly the best, but they are at the forefront of this movement of being thankful. 

You have inspired us to notice take the small things in, appreciate the little moments.. all while wearing our Peace Jacquie Aiche ring

What have you learnt this week?


As Friday inches closer, our minds are imagining about what we will be wearing (or eating) this weekend! We also need a little pick-me-up and pretty pictures seem to always do the trick, which brings us to What is TDH loving? A blog post you will see every Thursday, full of beautiful images, inspirations and special giveaways!

Today, we thought there was no better way to start then show some serious closet details! Ex-model turned actress Jamie King has been a style icon since the 90s and has a closet full of goodies to prove it.

We not only spot out Low Luv jewellery but Chanel creepers, Chloe boots & Brian Atwood heels (can you tell we are accessory obsessed)!

Head over for some gorgeous inspiration (we can promise you will feel a tinge of envy).




We know you love cuffs!

Posted On February 20TH 2013

Cuffs are classic, timeless, yet hold a modern twist to any girls outfit. Being the perfect balancing act, as they usually come in doubles, cuffs can be worn with almost every outfit. From a black tie event, to a coffee with friends, they add an instant boost to your look. We absolutely love using cuffs on their own, or as layering items, so we suggest you look through our selection of cuffs, and get your cuff on today!


TDH x 

Fall in love with yourself

Posted On February 14TH 2013

This blog is simply based around a collection of images which we wanted to share on Valentin's Day. Fall in love with yourself, appreciate who you are and never be afraid to express who you are through what you wear.. especially jewellery.

Enjoy the images and we hope they put a smile on your face like they did ours.