So, you've sorted out your hat (or fascinator or flower crown or headpiece...), and you've got your dress. What now? Pull that look together with some jewellery – statement or simple, depending on your dress and style. We've pulled some inspiration together to get you thinking!


Channel: Erin Holland

Take a cue from this former Miss World Australia and keep your look golden, Grecian and gorgeous. The emphasis here in on the beautiful cut of the dress and the bronze make-up, so pair with a simple but stunning golden bangle, heels and a glass of bubbles. Cheers!

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Channel: Jesinta Campbell

If you’re going to wear full-on floral and a D&G crown, you may as well wear statement earrings and a bold lip too. Cue the gorgeous Jesinta Campbell and go for a more-is-more approach to Melbourne Cup this year. Minimalism is for sissies.

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Channel: Kathryn Kelly

On the flip side, statement earrings also pair beautifully when they’re the main event. Keep cool and comfortable in a slip dress, a chic straw hat (that you’ll wear again and again!) and a pair of all-out, shoulder dusting earrings.

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Channel: This Cool Street Style Queen!

Some of us just aren’t into the frou-frou. Keep your Cup Day look you by embellishing your everyday basics. Swap ballet flats for drop-dead heels, keep your side split high, your hair done and your accessories simple.

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3 Halloween Costumes You Can Completely Reuse – With Matching Jewellery!

Just as you start thinking you need to save up for Christmas presents and plans, Halloween jumps up out of nowhere and scares the living daylights out of you with $200 costumes and BYO drinks. Fear not. We're here to show you how to pull together looks from your current wardrobe, or at least only buy things you'll use again. Because absolutely no one needs more junk lying around...

WWII Airman

Because jumpsuits are super chic and olive green is basically a neutral colour. This is actually just an excuse to finally buy one. Pair it with black booties and classic aviators to read wartime pilot. If it’s cold out and you’re ambitious, add a bomber jacket.

In everyday life, all of these pieces are chic and on-trend. Pair the jumpsuit with black heels and a longline necklace.

Shop the costume: jumpsuit | aviators | boots | jacket | ‘dog tag’ necklace

Eleven from Stranger Things

If you’re the sort of person who can pull of yellow, honour the memory of the lovely hamburger man who first befriended Elle when she arrived with her oversized yellow tee. Use an old red lipstick to give yourself some damage, slick your hair back and you’re set. Side bonus: you’ll have snacks handy all night.

The oversized tee would work well with jeans or leather pants in everyday life, dressing down with a pair of cons, dressed up with a pair of heels. Pair it with statement earrings to pull it all together.

Shop the costume: t-shirt in XXL | lipstick | frozen waffles | earrings

Tom Cruise from Risky Business

If you’re brave and not worried about cool spring evenings, your man probably has everything you need for this costume. Also, do we even need to tell you the ways to wear an oxford shirt in real life? How about with a necklace slinking down your décolletage?

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claire deane muse

Claire Deane is a digital marketer, Google analytics nerd and social media addict. She also teaches yoga, just because she loves to. Claire is one of our favourite TDH muses: she’s smart, she’s savvy and she’s gorgeous – on the inside and out. We sat down with her to talk all things #girlboss, trends and celebrations.


How is your personal style influenced by your work?

At Deane & Co, we are constantly exposed to new trends and fashions, and if we were to follow everything, I would be broke! I’m much more of a casual dresser, and love that jewellery has become a real way to express yourself. Because I am always on social media, and always subscribing, following and liking, I do see a lot of the trends, and I am a sucker for pretty packaging and great branding - I’m more susceptible in the beauty space than in the fashion space though, if I see a beauty product with great packaging, I have to have it!

What’s your daily uniform?

In winter, it’s jeans every day. In summer, it’s all about simple dresses, and as many stripes as I can get my hands on. When I find something I like, I buy it in all colours, because I love being able to throw something on and know that it just works. At the moment, I’m wearing this Assembly Label dress in grey, black and coffee stripes with converse and leather slides, and dressing it up and down with simple jewellery or more statement pieces.

What do you never leave home without?

My phone and my lip balm.

What trends are you noticing in your field right now?

From a fashion perspective, it’s all about fine jewellery. We have a few fashion clients and fine jewellery all over social media as it really lets the wearer express themselves - stack it, wear it on its own, buy lots of cheaper pieces or buy just one really beautiful piece that means a lot to you.

In the beauty sector, it’s all about organic and natural. Even bigger brands like Anthropology and Urban Outfitters are jumping on the natural beauty bandwagon, but I love smaller retailers like CAP Beauty, Credo and, closer to home, Organic Index.

We’re also noticing a real trend towards micro influencers - customers want to follow real people, and that’s why they are turning towards snapchat and Instagram stories - there’s less curation there, and it means they can see more of the people behind the brand. That’s why I love The Dark Horse, because [founder] Aleen is always trying new things and trying to be a real person behind the brand.

What’s your fave piece of jewellery?

My favourite pieces would have to be my engagement and wedding rings. My husband sneakily had my engagement ring designed for me and the proposal was a complete surprise. At our wedding, all of our friends and family passed around our rings and infused them with good wishes, so they feel extra special.
For our third anniversary, my husband had an eternity band designed by Natalie Marie, which is a designer I discovered on The Dark Horse and have been obsessed with ever since! I have a few of her delicate pieces that I adore, including a pearl drop necklace from The Dark Horse that is simple and statement all at the same time.

How do you celebrate your victories?

It’s something I am working on. Typically it’s been, “oh great, now what’s next?”, instead of really taking the time to acknowledge what we’ve achieved. I’ve heard great stories of people taking 15 second dance breaks with their team when they achieve a goal, and I’d love to find something that’s unique to our culture like that. One thing we do each week is ask each other where we’re winning, and that gives all of us a chance to share our victories with the team.

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @clairemdeane



layering and stacking how to

The most important thing to remember is that a perfectly curated stack or layer is all about your own unique style – think of it like a charm bracelet, but built over several pieces. Each piece should reflect you. Apart from that, just have fun! Here are our top tips.


How to Stack Rings

We think the best way to start a stack is with three rings. You can even buy stack sets to get you started! Go with a plainish band first, then add a gemstone piece and finish with a second plain band or something with a similar hue. You have your first stack!

Now, if you want to, you can build on the look. Add another layer or two to your original stack, and don’t be afraid to add rings to other knuckles to break it all up. And of course, the more rings you own, the more opportunities you’ll have ;)

Get started with our fave pieces: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

How to Layer Necklaces

Mystified by the fashion blogger skill of necklace layering? We’ve distilled their secrets to four formulas:

  • Delicate diamond + small gold charm + medium gold charm
  • Oversized statement necklace + simple long chain
  • Chunky chain necklace + colourful vintage necklace + statement gold necklace
  • Two small charm necklaces + pearl bar necklace + medium pendant necklace
  • Dainty charm necklace + mid-length pendant + long statement pendant
  • Delicate choker + thin chains of varying lengths

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How to Stack Bracelets

The bracelet is back, and it's all about the bangle that doesn't require layering. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t – stack ‘em as high as you want! We love to mix them with finer pieces for a look that works day or night. Choose pieces that are just as special by themselves, and they’ll be classics forever.

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How to Layer Earrings

Ear parties are as much about the quirky stuff – the ear cuffs, crawlers and jackets – as it is about the delicate studs. Mixing and matching is the key to keeping it chic. And if you thought you needed to have more than one piercing in each ear to pull off this look, don’t worry. Designers today are creating styles that give the look of multiple piercings without the permanency (or pain).

Here are our best tips to make any combination work:

  • Whether it be drop earrings, a crystal stud, trippy double-sided hoops or a stunning cuff, choose a piercing to showcase the main piece.
  • Next, go for something that’s still a bit graphic, but not too heavy. Something like a gold hook.
  • Now choose something small but striking. It’ll oomph up the previous piece.
  • As you reach your limit, add something minimalist, preferably in the same metal as your first piece. This will anchor the whole look.
  • If you’re going all the way up, hoops and loops that hug your ear work best (see: Alicia Keys).
  • Don’t match on the other side. Keep one ear your focus and complement it on the other side, maybe switching the positions for certain sets.
  • To keep it really simple, mismatch your single piercings, one on each side.

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hong kong

I have always wanted to go to Hong Kong and was lucky enough to be able to have a whirlwind two and a half days there recently! I went as part of the jewellery fair and spent a good half day sourcing some exciting new goodies for TDH! I can’t wait to show you.

Hong Kong is separated into a couple areas and I stayed at the Pottinger Hotel on Hong Kong Island (the original British settlement area). It was in the perfect position to walk everywhere – I pretty much base all my overseas trips about where I can eat and knew I was walking distance from the below restaurants (and many, many more!).

hong kong 


Ho Lee Fook
Located in a basement, it has this iconic wall full of cats – you have to see it to believe it. Also the chef was previously of Mr Wong and Ms. G’s in Sydney, some of my local faves.

Why not eat Japanese food in Hong Kong?! This is the perfect place for a sushi fix – they have an incredible weekend brunch, served with Veuve Clicquot. It’s an absolute feast of sashimi and tempura and all your regular favourites.

Oldies Foodies
I simply had to have a soft serve – and Oddies has the mix of east meets west that was needed! It is a soft serve topped with traditional HK egg waffles with choc chips!

Walking down to the area of Soho was perfect as literally every shop seems to serve food. The vibe of this section was a mix of east meets west and the options felt endless.

hong kong 



Hot is an understatement about the weather at this time in Hong Kong. When it’s hot, I just want to feel minimal and I want my jewellery to also feel that way. For me it is all about earrings, so I wore our White Label drop earrings pretty much every day. When I wanted more of a night time look, I added the gold hapur wrap necklace as a choker. I mix and match my earrings all the time, below are my favourites:



Staying on the island meant we needed to catch the ferry to go to Kowloon, which is part of the closer mainland Chinese section of HK. This is definitely a shopper’s paradise – there was no shortage of designer stores! The ferry is so easy (and cheap) to catch, and very much worth the experience.

Staying on HK island, I loved that we just kept finding all these markets. Some are definitely not for the faint hearted (i.e., the 'wet' markets, which sell fish on the streets) but there are markets with antiques, or just tourist-y goodies!

Tung Wah Ceramic Store: Stauntan Street, Soho
I am a sucker for homewares and didn't want to leave without purchasing a tea cup. This store was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel and was perfect for grabbing patterned ceramics.

Man Mo Temple
This was under construction when I went to visit, but was still open. It is the temple dedicated to the gods of literature and war – it was built in 1847. It’s a surreal feeling to enter such a serene, quiet temple on such a busy road.

hong kong 


Wedding season is upon us, which means outfits must be planned, drivers designated and presents bought. We’ve pulled together some spring time looks (not a floral in sight!) to take you to any kind of bash. Whether you’re going for something trendy or classic, formal or smart casual, we’ve got you covered.


Grecian-style frocks literally look good on anyone. This lilac number is the perfect pick for a spring wedding, amped up with this beautiful cuff by Balyck, nude pumps (to elongate those legs!), a rattan clutch and a swipe of pretty pink lipstick. Wear your hair softly done up and bring a parasol if you’re sitting outside.

Dress | cuff | bag | heels | lipstick


For a glamorous black tie event, go for gold with this stunning, minimalist collar. This stylish maxi dress in velvet and silk will keep you just warm enough as the sun goes down, while a gold-detailed clutch will keep things practical as well as chic. Finish with a bright coral lip to keep your look sophisticated but fun.

Dress | collar | clutch | lipstick | perfume


If a frock really isn’t your thing, consider a top and pants ensemble. Dress up the top so you can rock jeans on the bottom. Add some arm bling, cool sunglasses and cool girl hair – who says weddings are boring?

Top | Pants | arm band | sunglasses | straightener



accessories by g

We recently sat down with Georgia Wyrill, the brains and brawn behind one of our fave new labels: Accessories by G. Her unique, edgy statement pieces and minimal classics in gold, silver and leather have been making a bit of a splash around Dark Horse HQ, so we thought we’d share some of the love. Find Georgia’s designs here, released this weekend!

Why did you start Accessories by G?

I have always wanted to run my own business and work for myself. I also couldn’t find fashionable jewellery at a moderate price of good quality, so I took the leap and quit  my full-time job in  fashion almost a year ago exactly. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Always, always. I have sketchbooks from when I was really little filled with fashion designs. It took a lot longer to realise I wanted to design accessories, but when I think back, even those little sketches were all accompanied with matching hats, necklaces, bags and glasses!

Who is the Accessories by G woman?

The Accessories by G woman is tenacious and has a keen eye for current and minimal fashion. She doesn’t want to spend her hard earned pay on the top luxury designer brands but wants the exact same effect – high quality and something special.

How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

As a lot of the items in the current collection are on the finer side, they look amazing layered together. I love the Houdini Choker worn with a Lasso Bolo and a pair of more feminine Nobu Earrings – the perfect mix of hard and soft. Every piece can be worn casually with a simple t-shirt or dressed right up.

Where are you most inspired to create?

I have to go home and work on the floor in front of a mirror experimenting with different materials and shapes with podcasts keeping me company to create! My Bachelor of Design in Fashion (RMIT Melbourne) really taught me to design in 3D, working with materials in my hands rather than sketching 2D. You can take your designs so much further and get to a very different endpoint. Travelling is the other obvious source of inspiration.

Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

I love the Nobu Earrings and find them the perfect addition to every look. They’re timeless and just enough. I’ll be wearing them for a long time to come.

What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs?

Good fit, a point of difference and a ‘fashion’ edge.

What’s next for Accessories by G?

We’re working hard on our next collection titled ‘Tokyo & Tequila’ with some bolder styles and beautiful nude leather – launching soon!


Shop Accessories by G here.


melbourne spring fashion week

This weekend marks the end of Melbourne CBD’s most fashionable event. Officially launching with a runway show at Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out 2016, the week-long Melbourne Spring Fashion Week takes place in locations across Melbourne.

melbourne spring fashion week

With more than 200 events and sessions, there’s always plenty to see and do – the six runway shows are just the tip of the iceberg! The opening gala was every bit as opulent as promised – with gorgeous floaty gowns, heaps of metallics and more lace than a St Vinnie’s vintage rack. We’re sure to be seeing the looks on WAGS come Brownlow week! There was also plenty of white, white, white. From peasant dresses to structured suiting, it’s set to be a major trend this spring and summer. Get your Scotch Guard ready.

Fashion Weeks are always such a fun, mad experience and this was no different. For those who couldn’t be there in person, we’ve rounded up our favourite spring accessories for you! Wear them to weekend brunches, Melbourne Cup events, rooftop cocktails and everything in between. Who says fashion is elitist? xx

melbourne spring fashion week 

Products Featured:



spring races edit

Whether you're travelling to the heart of it or watching from your local wine bar, there's nothing like the spring racing carnivals to put you in the mood for feeling fabulous. There's fashion, food, Champagne, a little bit of good-natured gambling... what more could a girl want?!


It's so much fun to see each woman's interpretation of race wear fashion and how they make it their own. So do your research, but go with what feels right for you. Here are some accessory ideas to get you started...

races headpieces 


This race season is all about structure and architecture, so leave the flower crowns at home for this one. It’s all about the geometric shape this year, and this made-to-order stunner from Balyck is simple enough to go with any frock but impressive enough to replace a fascinator. It features miniature malocchio (‘evil eye’) charms, which are used to protect and rid the wearer from ailments and evil spirits – and hopefully bad luck!

Shop the Look: Balyck’s Chained Headpiece

races earrings


Just like its more subdued sisters, the stud, the statement earring will never go out of style. There is a pair to suit everyone and every look. Whether you go for the ear cuff, the hoop or the glitzy drop, it will draw attention to your beautiful face and jawline. Keep your frock a solid colour when going for the glitz like Mezi, or accessorise a printed dress with a simple but fab metal look, such as Luv AJ or White Label.

Shop the Look: Luv AJ’s Oversized Crescents | White Label’s Drop Hoop | Mezi’s Pearl Slide | Sarina Suriano’s Branch Ear Cuff | Mezi’s Cream Drop Earrings

races chokers

Layered Chokers

The layered choker look is an amazing trend for the spring races. Try a beautiful dainty piece mixed with the toughness of a leather choker – or the other way round: a metal choker mixed with a soft look. This is a great way to use some of your current pieces and bring them up to date.

Shop the Look: Luv AJ’s Charm Choker | White Label’s Crystal Leather Choker | Balyck’s Suede Neck Tie | White Label’s Double Line Choker


The best thing about winter is the no-guilt way you can sit on the couch for hours and hours because it’s ‘too cold’ to do anything else. But it’s not wasted time: think of it as just hunting for outfit inspo. To celebrate Netflix season, we’ve rounded up some of the characters inspiring us most.



Any amount of time between GoT seasons is too much time. That’s just fact. But what we really miss is Khaleesi’s on point accessories. That girl knows how to take a frock from blah to bling. If she lived right now, we’re pretty sure she’d be hanging out with Queen Bey and making some serious trouble in parliament. This is probably what she’d be wearing…

Channel Khaleesi: gown | knickers | heels | necklace | arm band

nancy wheeler

Nancy Wheeler

OMG, seriously. Stranger Things, right?

And while it was the crazy suspense that kept us binge-watching all through the night, it was Nancy Wheeler’s awesome ‘80s preppy style that have got us all inspired. From her high-waisted jeans to her shearling jacket, this chic high schooler has convinced us to revisit (and embrace) some of the decade’s coolest – and totally wearable – trends.

Channel Nancy: cords | shearling jacket | sweater | boots | earrings | necklace

holly golightly

Holly Golightly

If you’ve worked your way through all the TV shows you can find (impressive!), move onto the old classics. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is always, always going to have a place in our hearts. The LBD, the bathtub-couch, the sleeping mask, the cat… And because we know you already have a little black dress, let’s look at an outfit from our favourite scene: when she’s strumming along to Moon River on the fire escape.

Channel Holly: jeans | sweater | scarf | bracelet | earrings | rings