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What’s so bad about dedicating a day to focusing on and celebrating the person you love? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d do a round up of some of our fave pieces that feel romantic and special – but don’t break the bank so soon after Christmas. Look beyond the obvious jewellery offerings with these pieces by independent designers. 


How ever long you’ve been together, jewellery is always a good idea – trust us. Here are some pieces that are sure to make her heart sing.



This incredible brass statement necklace is on sale for $50, down from $400! If that’s not reason enough, maybe the fact that it’s sold out in most places will be. The large hand-casted pendant is made of oxidized white brass, which means it will age beautifully (just like your romance). A truly unique piece that will stand out from the crowd.


If you’re looking for a particular answer this Valentine’s Day, this is the piece for you… A complete steal at $19 (on sale).


These stunners are handmade and set with Swarovski crystals. The top hooks around your ear, so you don’t need to have a second piercing. Nickel free for those who are sensitive of heart (and skin). Available in gold and silver, on sale for $159 (OK, so it’s not exactly under $150, but so worth it…)


This gold-plated bracelet features crystals and pearls – and a little something blue if the occasion calls for it… It’s a beautiful showpiece for a night out (such as Valentine’s dinner), designed by iconic jewellery designer, Peter Lang. Splash out for only $128


Handmade in Bali (a good story if you’ve been there together!), this long chain necklace features two beautiful bird details. She can wear it with anything: a black dress, jeans and a tee shirt, or with her bikini and sarong. Gold-plated over brass and priced at only $100.


Shop our full sale here to find many more pieces by some of your favourite new designers.


If I’m going to ask some of my favourite designers to open up their jewellery boxes, I thought it would be only fair for me to open mine up too.

I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world! I’ve loved jewellery forever – I love how it reveals someone’s personality even more than their clothes. Jewellery can be sentimental or trendy, but I think clothes are a bit more obvious. I want TDH to be a place where women can go to find brands that they can’t just find everywhere else – from the comfort of your own couch.

It’s interesting choosing stock for TDH, as I need to remember to match the personalities of you, not just me! In saying that, I can honestly say I’d wear everything on the site! You are trend leaders, and you always push me to find unique designers and items and stay up-to-date. I love it! I hope you get just as much joy out of The Dark Horse as I do. Thank you for all your support.


Aleen Apanian, The Dark Horse Founder

  1. The most important items for me on a personal level are my engagement ring and wedding band, as well as my mum’s ring. She received this from her parents at 16 and passed it onto me on my wedding day (it was my something blue).
  2. I never, ever take off the heart and horseshoe bracelet by Claire Aristides. I’ve been wearing them everyday for close to two years! I’ve also added the Letter A & M (my husbands initials) bracelets by Mezi to my wrist and also wear them everyday.
  3. My favourite TDH items that I’ve stockpiled other the years included the Louise Jean Layered Loop Earring, Natalie Marie’s Hand Chain (I actually tend to wear this everyday also, it’s so delicate and easy to wear), the Au Revoir Pearl Ring, and any necklace designed by Louise Jean and YCL.
  4. To store all my rings, I use this jewellery box and have it around my amethyst crystals.


Images by Rosemary Halablian Written By Phoebe Tully/Aleen Apanian


We thought it might be fun to peek into the jewellery boxes of some of our favourite designers. First cab off the rank: Laurie Fleming! Known for her jewellery that balances of sugar and spice (with a pinch of Khaleesi!), Laurie first fell in love with jewellery when she was studying design in Toronto. Having tried many things growing up and in college – from painting to graphic design, art direction and brand strategy – jewellery just ‘felt the best’, she said.


Here she breaks down her favourite pieces from her own collection, as well as what else she is lusting after on The Dark Horse. And how about those bird earrings! We’ll take one of each please…


Laurie Fleming, Jewellery Designer


My favourite pieces that I have featured on The Dark Horse include by Vale Ear Climber in Rose Gold, my Flowing Ear Cuff in Silver, and the Shapeshifter Ear Cuff in Brass. These pieces are some of the ones I personally keep in my jewellery box – I’m a huge fan of ear cuffs. I’ve always got these ones on hand for when I go out or attend events. They are super sleek and sophisticated but also really fun to wear and they get noticed a lot! I wear them with my hair down sometimes or tucked behind my ear if I want to go for a more understated look. I also love wearing them knowing that they’re very unique and add a level of polish to your outfit that you wouldn’t get without a well-considered accessory.


I am lusting after this gold filled necklace from Louise Jean. It would be perfect for layering with other fine chains and little pendants, which I wear often! 


My grandmother’s vintage gold bird earrings are one of the favourite things in my jewellery box. They are super detailed and beautiful. They’re only about 1” long, but make lovely statement earrings because of how different and detailed they are. I’d love to make earrings inspired by this piece sometime in the future. 

Written by Phoebe Tully  


Runways have been featuring all sort of wearable trends lately that nod at all different styles, but there’s one thing New York, Milan, London and Pair had in common: more is more. Accessories in 2016 are moving well away from minimalism – and to be honest, we’re excited! Piling on lots of jewellery is just fun!

So while we’ll never retire those beautiful delicate pieces we invested in last year, these bold accessory trends will take your wardrobe to the next level. So take a deep breath, embrace the "wow" factor, and let these jewels take you out of your comfort zone! Your 2016 wardrobe is ready for the boost.

1. Gold + Structured

There’s something so timeless about the elegance of gold juxtaposed with a bi of chunkiness. We’ve seen it start already, but gold is about to become one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. The great thing about these pieces is that they work with any occasion – work, weddings, cocktails, brunch – with outfits you already own.

Try these TDH faves: Art Deco Cuff | Keyhole Choker | Fan Earrings

2. The Free-Spirited Earrings

Bring ‘60s icon Edie Sedgwick into the here and now with Marrakech-worthy earrings done up the designer way. Whether they’re shoulder-dusters or an elegant, minimalist drop, modern boho earrings are perfect all year round. Pair with a mini skirt and plenty of liquid eyeliner.

Try these TDH faves: Pave Drop Earrings | Tassel Earrings | Minimalist Drop Earrings | Gunmetal Chain Ear Cuff

3. Bangles

The bracelet is back, and it's all about the bangle that doesn't require layering. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t – stack ‘em as high as you want! But choose pieces that are just as special by themselves, and they’ll be classics forever.

Try these TDH faves: Rose Gold Bangle | Stunning Marble Bangle | Screw Bangle


It’s sweltering hot and unlikely to change any time soon! Perfect weather for the beach, but tricky weather to accessorise for… Our tip: leave the chunky jewellery for winter and opt for something light and delicate. Barely there jewels, like this layered chain necklace by Louise Jean, are stylish without adding unnecessary layers. 


Subtle pieces don’t have to mean missing out on flair, though. Louise Jean’s delicate necklaces would look beautiful peaking out of a New Year’s party frock or over a light tank on a Boxing Day shopping trip. Extra style points for wearing them with a bikini! If you can’t be without rings, decorate your fingers just enough with Luv AJ’s subtle Barbell Pointed Rings, worn separately instead of stacked – to keep the air flowing! Ears could be adorned with these simple gold chains, with complementary cuffs added to extra piercings. Basically, channel your inner minimalist, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber!

Written by Phoebe Tully 


Everyone knows that jewellery is a winner any time of the year. We’ve put together a gift guide based on some of our favourite pieces… and our own shopping list! (Guess who you are, Mum!) This Christmas, spoil your friends and family with thoughtful pieces that reflect who they are. 

(And remember, The Dark Horse offers next day delivery in Australia up until December 23 in all metro areas. Merry Christmas!)

The Traveller

She’s the girl who always has one foot out the door and a head full of bucket list items dying to be ticked off. Indulge her wanderlust with this worldy ring by Artelier. The intricately cut-out world map is sure to start conversation – and some adventures.


The New Born

At The Dark Horse, we think it’s never too early to start a life-long love of beautiful jewellery. The Baby Love bracelets by What Would Karl Do x Claire Aristides come with either an infinity detail or a love heart. They are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin and the multiple clasps make certain that these become heirlooms.


The Bride-to-Be

Even modern weddings are all about tradition, and this beautiful Something Blue brooch by Balyck x Wedded Wonderland has the versatility to be worn anywhere, with anything. Think outside the box: why not pin it to her bouquet or even her veil?


The Individualist

For the girl who monograms anything that doesn’t move. Add to her collection with everyday jewellery that is all about her – try Mezi’s initial bracelet or earring set.


The One Who Has Everything
The best gift for someone who has everything is something to put everything in! The Dark Horse’s new jewellery box is stylish enough to be placed anywhere and – with its glass walls – is the perfect display for all those carefully collected pieces.


The Statement Maker
For your best friend who stands out from the crowd either accidentally or with perfect execution, this fabulous necklace from Kitte Accoutrement will dress up even the most basic LDB. Alternatively, Luv AJ’s gold chocker is sure to draw some attention.


The Soul Sister

She wouldn’t hurt a fly and has more kindness in her pinky than most people you know. Give her some luck with Reliquia’s beautiful pendants, featuring either a lucky coin or a hand pendant. Perfect for layering together when she needs a bit of a boost for that exam or job interview.

Written by Phoebe Tully & Claire Deane


An old standby for day or night, the hoop earring – like the diamond stud – doesn’t have to be the real deal to work. But, to stay classic, we say stick with silver and gold styles. There is a direct correlation between thin and big and thick and short. The bigger and more refined a gold hoop is, the sexier and younger it looks. The smaller and chunkier, the more classic it becomes.


Just like any statement earring, hoops draw the eye towards your face. Due to their shape, they are extra complimentary to your jaw and cheekbones. So don’t bother with the contouring powder, just throw on a pair of hoops. Just remember to choose your hoops in proportion to your face, hair and neckline.

Some of our current favourites include these edgy cross-bone hoops, which are perfect for layering, these amazing Art Deco-inspired ones with Swarovskis, these simple gold ones, inlaid with Hematite studs, these chunkier gold ones with spiral detailing and these sparkly half-hoops for evening.

Written by Phoebe Tully


“You can always tell what kind of person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.” Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Adding a bit of edge to an outfit is easy. We think it’s so easy, you can just do it with earrings. Bought at any price point and in an array of styles and sizes, they can be mixed and matched when you’re feeling a bit too feminine or plain.

Right now, we are loving the mix and match of Reliquia’s Egyptian hoop earring with a SJ Dynasty ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ stud on the other side. For the more adventurous – and those with multiple piercings – add in an emerald drop or a Deco-inspired dangle. Maybe throw on a chunky ring and a simple necklace or two, but that’s all you need to elevate anything to something a little more Kate Moss.

Wear a pair sneaking out from under your fedora – very Sienna Miller, c. 2005. Wear a paper-thin white tank top with your fave leather pants and mix up your earrings. Unless you’re living in Queensland, try them with a denim or leather jacket. Wear it with your suit to work (maybe…). But definitely, definitely wear them with your vintage Abbey Road tee.

Now all you need is a bit of confidence and a badass attitude.


Written by Phoebe Tully


We love a stack of thin, barely-there rings as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just gotta make a real BANG! Nothing quite takes hold of our attention like a powerful piece of bold jewellery – whether it’s a heavy pendant necklace, jewel-encrusted earrings or an arm cuff with a big lion’s head on it..

Pair a statement necklace with a simple crew-cut frock in a contrasting shade to really make it shine. Big, bright earrings work well with a soft updo as well as they do peeking out of Veronica Lake waves. Arm cuffs peaking out of a super-soft, long-sleeved top are super chic – channel your inner Wonder Woman by wearing them on both wrists like you don’t even care. This style is all about the attitude – insouciance with a dash of fearlessness.

Written by Phoebe Tully


The tribal-inspired necklace is the perfect piece for grounding spring's floaty frocks or adding intrigue to an otherwise streamlined silhouette. It’s a style not often seen at work – but we’re ready to change that!


Thanks to a combination of mixed materials and geometric shapes, these eye-catching pieces by Kitte Accoutrement are interestingly sophisticated. What better way to add a touch of flair to a simple shift dress or peaking out under a button-up shirt? How about a simple blazer look with a tribal-style necklace, tan leather bag and top knot? Now we’re talking!


So, here are some tips for making this trend at work… at work!


Keep it limited

Pick one statement neck-piece, set of earrings or a bangle. Keep everything else extremely simple or leave it behind altogether. Remember Coco Chanel’s advice: take one thing off before you go out.


Tone down the colours

Bright, neon colours are mostly a no-go at work. You want something classy and a bit more sober than what you might normally wear. Rose-gold is beautiful as a base, as is silver. Basically, nothing too bling.


Pair it with simple lines

The most sophisticated way to work this trend is by mixing it with corporate wear. Why not wear a graphic gold design with your navy shift dress or a tasseled one tucked inside your silk button-up?


Here are some of our new favourites:









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