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Whether you're travelling to the heart of it or watching from your local wine bar, there's nothing like the spring racing carnivals to put you in the mood for feeling fabulous. There's fashion, food, Champagne, a little bit of good-natured gambling... what more could a girl want?!


It's so much fun to see each woman's interpretation of race wear fashion and how they make it their own. So do your research, but go with what feels right for you. Here are some accessory ideas to get you started...

races headpieces 


This race season is all about structure and architecture, so leave the flower crowns at home for this one. It’s all about the geometric shape this year, and this made-to-order stunner from Balyck is simple enough to go with any frock but impressive enough to replace a fascinator. It features miniature malocchio (‘evil eye’) charms, which are used to protect and rid the wearer from ailments and evil spirits – and hopefully bad luck!

Shop the Look: Balyck’s Chained Headpiece

races earrings


Just like its more subdued sisters, the stud, the statement earring will never go out of style. There is a pair to suit everyone and every look. Whether you go for the ear cuff, the hoop or the glitzy drop, it will draw attention to your beautiful face and jawline. Keep your frock a solid colour when going for the glitz like Mezi, or accessorise a printed dress with a simple but fab metal look, such as Luv AJ or White Label.

Shop the Look: Luv AJ’s Oversized Crescents | White Label’s Drop Hoop | Mezi’s Pearl Slide | Sarina Suriano’s Branch Ear Cuff | Mezi’s Cream Drop Earrings

races chokers

Layered Chokers

The layered choker look is an amazing trend for the spring races. Try a beautiful dainty piece mixed with the toughness of a leather choker – or the other way round: a metal choker mixed with a soft look. This is a great way to use some of your current pieces and bring them up to date.

Shop the Look: Luv AJ’s Charm Choker | White Label’s Crystal Leather Choker | Balyck’s Suede Neck Tie | White Label’s Double Line Choker


The best thing about winter is the no-guilt way you can sit on the couch for hours and hours because it’s ‘too cold’ to do anything else. But it’s not wasted time: think of it as just hunting for outfit inspo. To celebrate Netflix season, we’ve rounded up some of the characters inspiring us most.



Any amount of time between GoT seasons is too much time. That’s just fact. But what we really miss is Khaleesi’s on point accessories. That girl knows how to take a frock from blah to bling. If she lived right now, we’re pretty sure she’d be hanging out with Queen Bey and making some serious trouble in parliament. This is probably what she’d be wearing…

Channel Khaleesi: gown | knickers | heels | necklace | arm band

nancy wheeler

Nancy Wheeler

OMG, seriously. Stranger Things, right?

And while it was the crazy suspense that kept us binge-watching all through the night, it was Nancy Wheeler’s awesome ‘80s preppy style that have got us all inspired. From her high-waisted jeans to her shearling jacket, this chic high schooler has convinced us to revisit (and embrace) some of the decade’s coolest – and totally wearable – trends.

Channel Nancy: cords | shearling jacket | sweater | boots | earrings | necklace

holly golightly

Holly Golightly

If you’ve worked your way through all the TV shows you can find (impressive!), move onto the old classics. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is always, always going to have a place in our hearts. The LBD, the bathtub-couch, the sleeping mask, the cat… And because we know you already have a little black dress, let’s look at an outfit from our favourite scene: when she’s strumming along to Moon River on the fire escape.

Channel Holly: jeans | sweater | scarf | bracelet | earrings | rings


So you’re making a presentation to the senior associates, you’re finally going out with that guy you’ve fancied for a year, you’re hosting your very first dinner party… Sometimes a girl needs a little help in this world. Enter: Boss Pieces.

boss pieces

Here are our top picks for jewellery you should wear when you really need to feel like the boss. From chunky cuffs to simple earrings, we’ve got you covered. Now all you need to do is rock it. As Queen B said: ‘I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.’

boss piece earrings

These Barbell Ear Jackets from Luv AJ are available in gold and silver. Made in two parts – one part sits behind the lobe – these beauties will fire you up. Wear them with a no-fuss LBD for dinner parties or your fave slinky number for a date.

boss pieces earrings

Anita K’s Gunmetal Stick Earrings do for your confidence what a pair of Louboutins does for your derriere. Elegant and sophisticated with all the right amounts of sexy, they’ll pump you up anywhere. Wear them with your hair down to show them off just a little…

boss pieces lion head cuff

How could we not include the incredible handmade cuff and ring set by Balyck. How could you feel anything other than a powerful goddess when rocking one (or both) of these?! Awesome enough to wear with a pair of Levis and a tee or a gown on the red carpet, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks. (Why not go all out and get both with our take home lay-by option?)

boss pieces bangle

Sometimes a girl needs to sparkle – literally. That’s wear this simple but glitzy bangle comes in. The Pave Barbell Cuff by Luv AJ comes in both gold and rose gold to ensure it works with any outfit. Simply clasp it in as you head out the door to put a spring in your step and a bling in your frock. The best part? It’s on sale!


how to match your earrings to your hairstyle

We showcase our style, both every day and for special occasions, through what we wear. But as you know it’s not just what a girl wears, but how she wears it.

Think about a pair of spectacular chandelier earrings – they send different vibes with a tight updo or a bouncy blowout. Stud earrings can be simple, but layering them up through multiple piercings can add a whole lotta edge. Hoops can look J.Lo or J.Law depending what you do with them. Jewellery adds the final touch to your outfit.

So it makes sense that your hairstyle works with different looks, right? So we’ve gone through some of our fave earrings – including lots on sale! – to give you a bit of inspo. But in the end, you don’t even need to choose. Our take home lay-by option – available to all babes in Australia – means you can pay just 30% for your goodies to be delivered immediately. How good is that? ‘Cause sometimes a girl just can’t wait for payday.

Now, go and stay beautiful!

match your hair to earrings 

Shop the looks: Option 1 | Option 2

match your hair to earrings

Shop the looks:
Option 1 | Option 2

match your hair to earrings

Shop the looks:
Option 1 | Option 2

Hair Inspo:
chic updo | long hair | high pony


It’s common knowledge that accessories are a girl’s best friend. A change of earrings and a smack of red lip can make your work shift versatile enough to go from meetings to dinner. A change of shoes and a statement ring will take your look from corporate to cocktails. A bejewelled bracelet and an extra layer of eyeshadow will take you from the farmer’s markets to the hottest show in town.

Here are a few outfit ideas to try this week so you can spend less time running around and more time having fun. Important.

day to night 1

Outfit 1

Spend the morning shopping and the evening having cocktails with just a change of shoes and a new pair of earrings. Fluff up your hair, whack on some lippie and you’re good to go. If your handbag’s big enough, you don’t even need to stop at home along the way! Or just buy your new heels that morning…

Base: pants | top
Day: boots
| perfume | bag | neck tie | ring | eyeliner
Night: heels
| styling spray | clutch | earrings | lipstick

day to night 2

Outfit 2

A smart work jacket becomes a chic dinner jacket with a few strategic accessory changes. Swap some brogues for some heels, studs for some sparkles and a cuppa for a vino and you’ll be out the door in five minutes. You could even bring your heels to work so you can head straight out.

Base: jacket | tee | pants
Day: phone case
| brogues | tea cup | notebook | necklace | studs
Night: heels
| earrings | lipstick | ring | ring set | clutch

day to night 3

Outfit 3

Just because you’re dressed for corporate doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Start with a classic wrap dress, then ramp up your heels, bag and jewels. Swap out your work lippie for a dramatic smoky eye (as smoky as your whiskey), leave the tote in the office and go all out with your shoes. We give you permission…

Base: frock | necklace
Day: glasses
| lipstick | heels | rings | phone case | handbag | earrings
Night: whiskey glass
| clutch | eyeshadow | eyeliner | false lashes | bracelet | heels


There is jewellery that suits trendy people – and then there’s jewellery that suits everyone. Forever. The trick is to focus first on pieces that work together and well as by themselves, then add pieces that standout in terms of colour or size. Of course, all your pieces – basics and statements – could reflect your own style.

And that’s why we’ve pulled together a list of jewellery that suits absolutely everyone. Simply choose metals or styles that work with your wardrobe, and you’ll have all the essentials to have fun with and build on. Here are our favourites…

jewellery that suits everyone

Stud earrings

A simple stud will make you look finished and polished. Look for something in either diamond, pearl or your favourite precious metal. They will work with anything and add the look of effort when you’ve actually thrown on your favourite jumper and run out the door.

We love these and these.

Hoop earrings

We’ve spoken before about how there’s a hoop for everyone – but that’s because it’s true! It might be a simple silver sleeper or a big gold hoop; either way, they frame and elongate your face. Never a bad thing!

Read more about our love of hoops here and here.

Long, pendant necklaces

There is nothing better to liven up a t-shirt and jeans or finish off a cocktail frock. The long pendant necklace is an indispensable part of your accessories wardrobe. Very popular in the ‘20s and ‘30s (especially pearls!), the look has made a resurgence and firmly cemented itself as a classic. It’s the perfect piece for layering too, so load ‘em up!

We love this, this and this one.

A bangle

A simple bangle is the bracelet equivalent of the diamond stud earring. Wear it every day with any outfit and it will work. Stack it with other bracelets or leave it on its own. And don’t be afraid to invest here, because you’ll get daily use out of it.

We love this and this one.


One of the biggest jewellery tends at the moment, hoops can be worn all day, every day. We have created the perfect drop style, ensuring it is light enough and chic enough to go with anything. To show you just how versatile these little babies can be, we pulled together some ensembles to get your imagination whirling and your fingers clicking.


The very best news is that they are only $29 and available for pre-ordering now. Say hello to your new best friend.

For brushing up on your français

Pack up your books and settle into a cosy nook of your local café as you brush up on your French. Add a punch to your simple Saturday morning outfit with some great accessories. And don’t forget your dictionary!

Cape | top | booties | pants | notebook | pencils | earrings | lion cuff | | lipstick | nail polish

For werk, werk, werk, werk, werk

Keep the rest of your outfit simple but chic and add some personality with a ring set and dangly earrings. Unassuming but still stylish, they’ll keep up with you all day from coffee to meetings and back again.

Skirt | turtleneck | heels | rings | foundation | mascara | lip pencil | earrings

For drinks and a show

Bring on max sophistication by dressing up an LBD and heels with a modern earring. This look is all elegance with just enough flair to take you from whiskey bar to the theatre to whatever the night may bring.

Heels | illuminator | dress | necklace | earrings | lipstick


ear party

Man Repeller may have introduced you to the arm party, but allow us to introduce you to our new favourite look: the ear party. Taking a cue from Hollywood’s hottest stars, we’re all about this edgy, sexy way to accessorise. As at home on the lobes of a Brit socialite as it is on a rock star, the ear party is the time to put those matching sets to rest.

It’s as much about the crazy stuff – the ear cuffs, crawlers and jackets – as it is about the delicate studs. Mixing and matching is the key to keeping it chic. And If you thought you needed to have more than one piercing in each ear to pull off this look, don’t worry. Designers today are creating styles that give the look of multiple piercings without the permanency (or pain).

Here are our best tips to make any combination work:

  • Whether it be drop earrings, a crystal stud, trippy double-sided hoops or a stunning cuff, choose a piercing to showcase the main piece.
  • Next, go for something that’s still a bit graphic, but not too heavy. Something like a gold hook.
  • Now choose something small but striking. It’ll oomph up the previous piece.
  • As you reach your limit, add something minimalist, preferably in the same metal as your first piece. This will anchor the whole look.
  • If you’re going all the way up, hoops and loops that hug your ear work best (see: Alicia Keys).
  • Don’t match on the other side. Keep one ear your focus and complement it on the other side, maybe switching the positions for certain sets.
  • To keep it really simple, mismatch your single piercings, one on each side.


Launched in 2010, Balyck is known for its worldly craftsmanship that draws inspiration from different places and cultures. We sat down with designer Jessica Balyck to talk all things travel, inspo and accessories.

After studying at The Fashion Studio in Sydney, Jessica built her skills and experience in fashion and the arts. She began teaching herself the skills and craft of jewellery making. In the process she formed her own distinct style, which can now be seen in the beautiful collections of Balyck. Shop the new releases here.


Why did you start Balyck?

The Balyck label came about for three reasons:

First, I was always dissatisfied with jewellery I would purchase on travels, which would lead me to dismantle and rework them into something customized for myself.

Secondly, I wanted to bring something different and unique to the Australian market as I'm a huge advocate of supporting the Australian fashion industry and businesses.

And thirdly, I'm very family-orientated and have grown up watching my father work very hard. I wanted to give something back and named the label Balyck (being my last name). That in itself is the most rewarding thing about the label.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Yes! From a very young age in fact I was dubbed 'Piccolo Picasso' ('little Picasso'), as I was always painting walls and creating art from the moment I could pick up a pencil. So naturally the progression into becoming a designer was my given path. It was just harnessing that energy into my niche that was the process.

Who is the Balyck girl?

The Balyck girl is timeless, strong and an individual in her own right.

How do you describe your aesthetic to someone who has never seen your pieces?

Unique versatile designs with a mix of eclectic materials and concepts.

How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

Individually for the more simplistic wearer or layered together to create a statement.

Where are you most inspired to create?

I'm most inspired on my travels. In the same way memories are created on holidays, I like to translate this into my designs to create a memory for the customer.

What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs?

Love, and that every design is made by myself.

What jewellery do you yourself wear?

I personally always have a classic necklace and earrings on and then layer additional jewellery depending on my outfit.

What's next for Balyck?

Next for Balyck is the exciting new release of my collection "Absolem" in October where nothing is what it seems...


Sometimes you know exactly what jewellery you want to wear. Sometimes you know exactly what make-up look you’re going for. Sometimes you have absolutely no idea and wish someone would come along and tell you what to do so you can move onto cocktails.

Once again, TDH has come to the rescue! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite cool weather makeup looks and matched them to our fave earrings. And if you need some extra help, look at our last post for all our favourite makeup tutorials.

We’ve got your back.

No-Makeup Makeup
One of the chicest possible makeup looks is the no-makeup makeup look. With a natural-looking base, perfectly groomed brows, a light sweep of blush and liquid eyeliner, this is your template for any accessories and outfits you’d like. We like it with simple but statement earrings and a little black dress. It’ll take you from your morning coffee to your evening drinks. 

Inspo | Earrings | Eyeliner

The French Look
It’s a simple fact of life that French women do it better. Like, everything better. This gorgeous, natural base of minimal makeup works so effortlessly with a perfectly coloured-in lip. In red, of course. Pair it with some slightly edgy earrings to keep it really cool. 

Inspo | Earrings (on sale!) | Lipstick

Winter Smoke
This look makes us want to cosy up next to the fireplace and discuss travel plans over mulled wine. Smudge that eyeliner in like crazy and keep the rest plain. A bit of nude lipstick adds polish if you can be bothered. Harmonising with these sweet earrings by Luv AJ, you’ll never miss Summer again.

| Earrings (on sale!) | Smudgy Eyeliner

Party Girl
If you really do miss Summer, a slick of fuchsia lipstick will pep you right up. Combined with these glittery numbers, you’ll be able to party like it’s 30C without your makeup melting off! Keep the rest of your look low-maintenance with a few licks of mascara and beach-wave hair to really drive the point home. We get it, you don’t like Winter!

| Earrings | Lipstick