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Launched in 2010, Balyck is known for its worldly craftsmanship that draws inspiration from different places and cultures. After studying at The Fashion Studio in Sydney, Jessica Balyck built her skills and experience in fashion and the arts. She began teaching herself the skills and craft of jewellery making. In the process she formed her own distinct style, which can now be seen in the beautiful collections of Balyck. We sat down with Jess to talk all things travel, inspo and accessories.


Why did you start Balyck?

The Balyck label came about for three reasons:

First, I was always dissatisfied with jewellery I would purchase on travels, which would lead me to dismantle and rework them into something customized for myself.

Secondly, I wanted to bring something different and unique to the Australian market as I'm a huge advocate of supporting the Australian fashion industry and businesses.

And thirdly, I'm very family-orientated and have grown up watching my father work very hard. I wanted to give something back and named the label Balyck (being my last name). That in itself is the most rewarding thing about the label.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Yes! From a very young age. In fact I was dubbed ‘Piccolo Picasso’ (‘little Picasso’), as I was always painting walls and creating art from the moment I could pick up a pencil. So naturally the progression into becoming a designer was my given path. It was just harnessing that energy into my niche that was the process.

Who is the Balyck girl?

The Balyck girl is timeless, strong and an individual in her own right.

How do you describe your aesthetic to someone who has never seen your pieces?

Unique versatile designs with a mix of eclectic materials and concepts.

How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

Individually for the more simplistic wearer or layered together to create a statement.

Where are you most inspired to create?

I'm most inspired on my travels. In the same way memories are created on holidays, I like to translate this into my designs to create a memory for the customer.

What are you bored of seeing?

I'm bored of seeing generic trend-based designs that the customer then discards rather than a timeless creation that they can value for longer.

What jewellery do you yourself wear?

I personally always have a classic necklace and earrings on and then layer additional jewellery depending on my outfit.


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Pfft, forget the gowns – we’re all about the memorable red carpet jewellery at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. This year, little necklaces, rings and earrings seems to be all the rage, but let’s talk about the show-stoppers. From Natalie Portman’s Edwardian-era Tiffany earrings to Michelle William’s chic but unexpected choker, let’s give those unforgettable moments a second glance.

The Chokers

Yes we know chokers were already a trend in 2016, but see this?! It feels new and exciting again! Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman… three’s a trend! Hopefully chokers will be the only thing in 2017 that’s same same but different…

Shop Michelle Williams inspo: Crystal Leather Choker | Houdini Leather Choker | Double Line Choker | Gold Cobra Choker

The Stacked Ring Bling

Stacked diamond rings – all the better to show off a perfect nude manicure and a bright red lip. It’s an elegant yet unexpected jewellery statement that’s gives the appropriate levels of modern glitz and glam to an otherwise timeless look.

Shop Tracee Ellis Ross Inspo: Silver Crystal Stack | Shashi Gold Ring

The Vintage Feels

We get it Nat – you go all out with your character development. The Oscar-winning actress has trouble leaving Jackie O behind with her sophisticated ’60s-style gown and accessories. The unexpected colour choices along with the vintage Tiffany jewels have everyone talking.

Shop Natalie Portman Inspo: Bering Ring | Long Pendant | Gold Necklace


beach to bar

There’s nothing better than stepping off the sand, straight to the bar with your besties. But with sun-kissed skin and salty hair comes parched skin, awkward tans and – if you went there – mascara stains. If afternoons by the water leave you more sandy than sexy, here are our tips for nailing the beach-to-bar parade. With summer in full swing, we’ll show you how to go from swimming to sipping with the sort of breezy, I-just-threw-this-on accessories that will show how nonchalant and stylish you are.


Look 1

Sleek and sophisticated, this daring swimsuit is all for show. Set yourself up for some people watching (and being watched – let’s be honest). Move on for cocktails in this super sexy cover up – just enough to pass at the bar if you’re feeling game. Switch it up for a vintage kimono to bring it back down to earth.

Do Not Disturb Hat | Sunglasses | Swimsuit | Kimono | Sandals | Earrings | Towel

Look 2

Keep it sweet and fun in a pretty scalloped bikini and simple accessories. When you’re finished splashing around and working on those perfect tan lines, throw on a white lace playsuit and some comfy heels to keep the party going.

Bikini | Playsuit | Shoes | Sunglasses | Hat | Earrings | Necklace | Towel

Look 3

For the girl who wants a game, not a lounge, this rashie is sporty and stylish. And what would beach to bar be without a little bit of Zimmerman? Throw on some shorts and earrings to complete your outfit.

Rashie | Earrings | Shorts | Shoes | Sunglasses | Ring | Towel

It’s our biggest sale of the year!

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging without a Boxing Day sale, did you?! To celebrate the end of 2016 and to thank you for all your incredible support this year, we have whole designers on sale for you to snap up and enjoy! Don’t forget to tag us in your pics xx

Peter Lang

We have major crushes on Peter Lang’s new collection, and looking at our recent orders, it looks like you do too! Get in there before they are all snapped up.

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The lightweight, versatile pieces are made right near Laguna Beach in California. Inspired by that easy-going lifestyle, these pieces are made for layering and forgetting.

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Giles & Brother

Made by a brother and sister in New York, these incredible pieces of craftsmanship have won multiple industry awards. Let the compliments begin…

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Lemon Jewellery

These quirky pieces are designed in Melbourne and produced by hand in Indonesia. Stunningly original, each piece in one of a kind, thanks to the use of natural stones.

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Luv AJ

Full of her signature spikes and layered chains, Amanda Thomas’ pieces are loves by Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus. Sign us up.

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In a perfect world, you’d be able to send every person on your list to their dream holiday destination with a never-ending supply of Champagne. But this is the real world and you probably have a budget – however big or tight that might be.

Fortunately, we have plenty of options that fit every budget – from $30 right up to $200. We’ve rounded up our best sellers in each category – all guaranteed to make your favourite people feel over the moon! So no matter who you’re shopping for and how much you have to spend, we have everything right here.

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matters speaking new arrivals

We love working with the Matters Speaking sisters to bring their collections to our TDH friends. How beautiful are these new pendants?

Jessica and Laura have a bond that goes beyond words. They have invested their love to create pieces that make your soul feel at home – jewellery that is all about encouraging you to be who (and all that) you are. Own your reality without apology. Open yourself up to possibilities.

Their words speak to you – they are pendants you can wear like you wear a heart on your sleeve. The gypsy pendant is the perfect present for a friend of ours who dances her way around the world and never feels quite at home unless she has the next adventure planned. ‘Spirit’ would suit another friend who is kind and compassionate but fragile and nervous in her own calm way; a protector who also needs protecting. ‘To The Moon & Back’ would look divine hanging around the neck of a BBF who gets layering – in amongst other chains she’s been given over time. The special thing about words is they resonate in different ways with different people.

What resonates with you?

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When you’re spoiled for choice, sometimes it helps to get some curatorial advice from the best! That’s why we asked Amanda Stavropoulos, the Fashion Editor of WhoWhatWear in Aus, what Dark Horse pieces she’s snapping up this summer. Read on for her faves…


I’d love to wear these Kitte Accoutrement earrings after a day on the beach with my hair in a top knot, and a black silk slip. 

I’m still so obsessed with chokers, and this one by White by G feels really different compared with everything else I’ve seen.

I recently got engaged and want little delicate rings to layer on every other finger. Loving these ones by Natalie Marie.

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talke home layby


As Christmas party invitations start to roll in throughout November, we thought we better get our outfit inspo sorted early! We’ve got you covered from everything to BBQs to formal cocktail parties – bring on the summer!

Smart-Casual Office Party

Depending on where you work, office parties are something to either dread or look forward to. Go for something professional but achingly chic, like a silk skirt and a white cotton singlet with super chic accessories. Sip on a free champers and catch up with nerdy-but-cute Mike from Accounting.

Shop the look: earrings | skirt | top | cuff | sunglasses

Casual BBQ with Friends

For all those friends who leave mid-December to go back home abroad for Christmas, sneak in a BBQ before the big rush. Start the affair early with some sundowners and a cute boater while the Webber gets started.

Shop the look: boater hat | earrings | dress | sandals | ring | belt

All-Out Glamazon Cocktails

For the glamorous cocktail party held by your client, stick to something simple that you’ll wear over and over. Accessorise dramatically but sparingly for a sophisticated but fun evening look. Mind the daiquiris!

Shop the look: earrings | bracelet | gown | heels | clutch