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The tribal-inspired necklace is the perfect piece for grounding spring's floaty frocks or adding intrigue to an otherwise streamlined silhouette. It’s a style not often seen at work – but we’re ready to change that!


Thanks to a combination of mixed materials and geometric shapes, these eye-catching pieces by Kitte Accoutrement are interestingly sophisticated. What better way to add a touch of flair to a simple shift dress or peaking out under a button-up shirt? How about a simple blazer look with a tribal-style necklace, tan leather bag and top knot? Now we’re talking!


So, here are some tips for making this trend at work… at work!


Keep it limited

Pick one statement neck-piece, set of earrings or a bangle. Keep everything else extremely simple or leave it behind altogether. Remember Coco Chanel’s advice: take one thing off before you go out.


Tone down the colours

Bright, neon colours are mostly a no-go at work. You want something classy and a bit more sober than what you might normally wear. Rose-gold is beautiful as a base, as is silver. Basically, nothing too bling.


Pair it with simple lines

The most sophisticated way to work this trend is by mixing it with corporate wear. Why not wear a graphic gold design with your navy shift dress or a tasseled one tucked inside your silk button-up?


Here are some of our new favourites:









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Richly-hued brass is the metal of the moment. It complements natural bohemian looks on women, and works on all skin tones. We love it in dramatic earrings, dangly pendant necklaces and statement rings.

It’s important to remember that brass will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen and the oils in your skin. Some people like the patina of tarnished brass (I do!), but if you want to get the shine of the new brass, take about 2 tbsp of baking soda and add drops of lemon juice until you have a nice paste. Take an old toothbrush and apply the paste to your piece and scrub. Let it sit in the paste for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly. Easy!

Look after your brass by wiping the piece with a soft cotton rag after wearing and store in a zip-lock bag. It’s not very glamorous, but it works!

Shop some of our favourite brass pieces here.

Images: Nina Ricci | Jason Wu

Written by Phoebe Tully via Claire Deane Marketing


Why did you start Luv AJ?

I started out making jewelry in 2004 when I was 14 years old. I used to intern for a designer on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA and my parents would drop me off after school and on the weekends, and I would help in her studio. She taught how to wire wrap and gave me insight on running a small business. I just fell in love with it, so I started buying chains and beads on my own, going to flea markets and finding vintage components to work with. I would always wear my own creations, and one day when I was shopping in Fred Segal, one of the jewelry buyers saw my necklace and next thing you know, they picked up my line! 


Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Honestly, no! I started making jewelry for fun and it just kind of grew from there. I always knew I wanted to be in fashion, so in high school and college I pursued internships at a ton of different places as a kind of process-of-elimination to see what I liked the best. I worked for a PR firm, with [clothing designer] Rachel Pally, [celebrity stylist] Cristina Ehrlich, and Who What Wear. I even did freelance graphic design work for Rachel Zoe after I graduated college, but I just kept coming back to jewelry.


Who is the Luv AJ girl?

I'd say Luv Aj jewelry is a one part feminine and one part bad-ass, so the Luv Aj chick can be a lot of girls. I think edgy and confident customers are drawn to the line initially, but there is honestly something for everyone to wear. The Luv Aj girl is the kind of girl who plans her outfits around her accessories, not her clothes.


How do you describe your aesthetic to someone who has never seen your pieces?

I would say: tough, luxe, heavy metal, stackable, wearable, a little dainty, a little chunky.


How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

Layered, 100%. I try to create each collection so that it can be worn apart, or stacked together to create a cohesive look. I try to cover every category and style so that there’s a bit of something for everyone.


Where are you most inspired to create?

When I’m at home, relaxed, usually watching TV and itching to get creative. I feel like my day-to-day life is very business-oriented, with lots of emails, spread sheets, bills, etc. so when I get some quiet time that’s when I’m more inspired.


What are you bored of seeing?

Crystals! This trend is so over, it’s been done too many times, Im more interested in seeing new materials that haven’t been used over and over.


Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

The Double Spear Collar is my favorite piece. It’s really subtle, but still kind of a statement necklace at the same time. I feel like it looks great solo, or layered with other necklaces. It kinds of just rocks any way you wear it!


What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs?

Metal, chain, studs, clean lines, and wearability.


What jewellery do you yourself wear?

I’m obsessed with piercings. I’m now up to 9 on both ears, so I’m always wearing my little hoop buggies and studs layered together. I wear two simple chains on my neck, and a mix of diamond rings and some pavé rings from past Luv Aj collections. I also only wear gold on my ears and neck, and rose gold on my fingers. No reason; I’m just weird like that!


What’s next for Luv AJ?

We have some amazing collaborations coming up in the new year that I can’t wait to share with everyone! I’m also working on a new fine jewelry line called APRÉS JEWELRY that is going to be affordable fine bridal jewelry. Think wedding bands, engagement rings, and day-of wedding jewels.

Interview conducted by Phoebe Tully 


Forget statement necklaces, cocktail rings and clutch bags – there’s a new accessory dominating the red carpet.

Have you seen A-listers – from J Law to Emma Watson – sporting eye-catching, jewel-encrusted ear cuffs? That’s because ear bling is the perfect way to express your rebel – or to add a bit of edge to a too-sweet outfit. Worn on only one ear, with a soft updo, this bling is designed to make a statement.

Most cuffs only require one piercing (some require none at all), but they can be worn with big dangly earrings or tiny studs if you have multiple piercings you want to show off. Try mixing size and materials for major impact – we think diamond studs with a gold statement cuff is just the right amount of punk.

Shop The Dark Horse for mix and match pieces at all prices.


Images: 1 / 2 / 3 


Wearing pearls in a precious way makes them lose their cool. Long before they adorned the necks of debutantes and royals, pearls were worn by bad-asses –
Russian Grand Dukes swathed their opera singer mistresses in pearls, Belle Epoque courtesans evaluated their lovers by the length of the ropes with which they adorned them, Coco Chanel wore long strings of them with her bathing dresses,Cleopatra even dissolved hers in vinegar to make a very strong point about her wealth and status.

Make sure your pearls don’t get too snooty by pairing them with a paper-thin tank top and a leather jacket, or by mixing them up with your other jewels. They can be real or fake, but they must never, ever be haughty.

Shop the look with The Dark Horse.

Double Pearl Choker

Double Pearl Studs





As an Australian company, we love working with Australian designers! Today we take 5 minutes to go behind the scenes with 8 Other Reasons founder, Charles, to talk LA, affordable designs and being the life of the party.


Why did you start 8 Other Reasons?

I saw a gap in the Australian accessories market. There was a clear divide between designer accessories and price pointed accessories. I wanted to create a line of accessories that carried the aesthetics of a designer label without the price point.

How has the brand changed since you first started it?

The brand has evolved as I have evolved as a designer, like any brand. Since moving to LA two years ago, I have become heavily influenced by the culture and diversity here. The brand is emblematic of my Australian design discipline fused with the diversity of culture here in LA. 


Who is the 8OR customer?

The 8OR girl is unapologetically sexy – what we like to call a baller bohemian. She is beautifully intense and always perfectly undone, the stone cold fox in boots, and the life of every party.


How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

All the pieces are designed to be worn together – more is always better!


Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

I don’t have a favourite. I really did enjoy using marble howlite, as it is was a new an exciting material that I have never worked with.


What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs?

Quality, affordability and diversity in design are all of equal importance.


What’s next for 8 Other Reasons?

With out giving too much we are launching some exciting collaborations with US retailers and a men’s line!


With the warm weather comes the festivals. If there’s ever a time to go all-out, it’s now. Here are some tips about amping up your festival style with some bling.

Put a ring on it

Pile those rings up high! More is more with this look. Remember to distribute them unevenly around your knuckles to balance them out. Depending on how many rings you’re working with, sometimes it works to keep everything the same metal but with mixed textures for a stylish but eclectic look (see Gigi Hadid’s look above for inspo).


Skip the flower crown

Instead of going for a typical Coachella flower crown (and definitely ditch the Indian headdress), opt for a jeweled headpiece that will work perfectly at a festival, as well as seeing you through all the summer weddings you’re invited to.

Mix gold and silver

Break the no-mixing rule (it was dumb anyway) and have an awesome #armparty of gold, silver, beads and twine. Stack ‘em high or keep it simpler if you have lots else going on, but don’t forget to mix or you’ll look like a shop window!

Channel Khaleesi

Chokers are back in a big way – literally! A big brass choker is going to set the tone for all the finer layering pieces you can adorn yourself with. Use is as your showstopping piece, and build around it.



Why did you start Laurie Fleming Jewellery?

I began making jewellery while I was still studying design at OCADU in Toronto. One day a friend and I walked into a bead store and got inspired to try jewellery making just for fun. I kind of fell in love with it from there and just couldn’t stop. I always loved making things and working with my hands, so it was completely natural that I fell into it. Studying design was extremely useful to creating the brand and figuring out how to refine my style as a jewellery designer, though I didn’t enjoy the type of things I was working on at school. I found I enjoyed jewellery and entrepreneurship so much more and so I decided to continue on and start my own company after I graduated. 


Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

I always knew I wanted to be in a creative field, but it takes awhile to really figure out what medium you prefer to create and think in. I tried many things growing up and in school, from painting to graphic design, art direction and brand strategy. Jewellery felt the best and really stuck, especially because of my interest in fashion. I think it would benefit every creative to try a bunch of things and experiment, because you never know what you’ll end up falling in love with. 


How has the brand changed since you first started it?

The brand has really grown with me since I began. It takes a long time to find your style and refine your look and I’m definitely still striving to do that. Every season improves leaps and bounds and gets a bit closer to what I really want to say and achieve with the pieces. I really want to create a special atmosphere and feeling to the collection that was lacking in earlier pieces. It’s also become a lot more unified and extremely thought through. When you first start creating you want to experiment and try different materials and styles until you find what suits you. 


Who is the Laurie Fleming woman?

The LFJ woman is someone who is much more than she appears at first glance. She has a real depth about her that reveals itself in her details. She’s unafraid to forge her own path and style. 


How do you describe your aesthetic to someone who has never seen your pieces?

Ethereal, otherworldly, and a feminine balance of light and dark. 


How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

I designed the pieces to be extremely versatile, so that everyone can make their own endless combinations. A lot of the pieces are reversible, convertible, or can mix and match. There are necklaces and rings ideal for layering and statement pieces that can be worn on their own. 


Where are you most inspired to create?

I’m most inspired when I’m completely relaxed at home with some tea and can spend hours sketching out pieces. 


Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

That’s a really hard question because I actually wear all of them all the time in various combos! I would probably have to say the Versare Earrings. I wear those the most and I hope those can stick around for many years in the collection as real classics. 


What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs?

Sugar + spice + Khaleesi 


What’s next for Laurie Fleming Jewellery?



It seems a shame to invest in beautiful pieces that you’ll only wear once – especially if wearing them will always remind you of your wedding day! Here’s a few ways we think bridal jewellery can be transformed to make sure you can wear it any day you want.


Give the world a sneak peak of your sparkles by tucking them under a button-up shirt. How about a patterned silk one for work, or a washed denim one for weekend brunch? Try Peter Lang’s new rose gold necklace encrusted with crystals. As perfect with a sleek white gown as it is with a work shirt, it will make a bold statement when you need it. 


With festival season coming up, put a little twist on your Spring style with a draping headpiece. How about this incredible draping Swarovski crystal one, with antique gold strands? It would look just as beautiful with a flowing bridal gown as it would with your old Beatles t-shirt.


Layer some of your more formal pieces with more casual ones for a head-turning everyday look. Pearls and diamonds are perfect for this, mixed with some glass beads to add colour, plus a bit of plain gold or silver to anchor everything.


Lift any outfit up with a pair of statement earrings. Channel your inner Olsen twin (post-2008) by matching Elizabeth Cole’s crystal babies with a simple marle t-shirt and capri pants. Perfect for cocktails with the girls.


In Conversation with Natalie & Cole of Bones + Feathers Collective

 TDH: How did the two of you meet and come to gel creatively? 

Natalie: I met Cole’s roommate at a party in LA and she kept telling me that needed to meet her roommate. She thought we’d get along because I was reading a book on serial killers at the time and Cole was reading a book on decomposing bodies. When we met, it was kind of love at first, creepy site. We’ve been friends and have been working together ever since.

TDH: Tell us about your brand background –when and how did your love of jewellery and your business begin?  

Cole: Nat was interning for a designer in LA who had suggested she start an accessories line to bring to market with his. She texted me asking if I wanted to start a line together and I said, “yes, we’ll make things out of bones+feathers!” We liked the way it sounded, so we made that our name.  

Natalie: We initially started out making fresh flowered headpieces and Kate Bosworth wore one to Coachella. It was kind of the look of the festival that year. People started emailing us for linesheets and our brand info. We had no idea what any of that was. All we had was our name, so we decided to make it more of an official brand and segued into jewelry.

TDH: How did you come to find and determine your aesthetic? 

Cole: I’m a bit more girly of the two us and tend to wear sheer dresses and skirts. Natalie tends to dress more masculine, but we are both very minimal. I think that’s what we try to incorporate into all of our designs/our aesthetic. Every piece is feminine with a bit of edge.  

Natalie: Yeah. Everything we make kind of has that juxtaposition of hard and soft, city and nature, masculine and feminine. We try to bring that feel into everything we create.

TDH: Talk us through the conception, designing and making progress of your jewellery in LA. 

Natalie: We normally brainstorm and pull pictures of what’s inspiring us at the moment, things that we are into. We discuss our ideas and Cole will sketch them out in water color paintings/drawings. We bring that to our production, who then create a mold/prototype of our designs and we go from there. 

Cole: It’s nice making and sourcing everything in LA. We are super hands on and can create close relationships with all of our vendors. Every piece goes through us before being shipped out to stores.

TDH: What was the inspiration for your latest collection?  

Natalie & Cole: Quartz. Prisms. Minimal, geometric shapes. The ocean. Nature.

TDH: Who are the designers and brands you look up to or love to follow? 

Natalie & Cole: We are actually really obsessed with Australian designers and bloggers at the moment. We love Oracle Fox Blog, Lack of Color hats, The Mania Mania jewelry. And then we obviously love Givenchy, Celine (Phoebe Philo), Acne, and we want to own everything blogger Maja Wyh wears.

TDH: What are three words you’d use to describe the Bones + Feathers Collective brand? 

Natalie & Cole: Dreamy. Masculine. Feminine.

TDH: What materials do you use and why? And where are they sourced?

Natalie & Cole: Everything is made from brass, raw quartz or onyx, and then plated in either 18K Gold or Silver. We love the durability of brass and the way it wears over time. We love that it tarnishes and changes color. We just started getting into the balancing energy of crystals and are obsessed with the shape, both raw and cut. Everything we use is sourced in LA.

TDH: Describe the ultimate Bones + Feathers Collective customer –who is she/he? 

Natalie & Cole: A non-asshole who knows what they want.

TDH: What’s next for Bones + Feathers Collective  –any brand collaborations or new collections in the works? 

Natalie & Cole: We have a few collaborations we are in the middle of working on that we can’t talk about just yet. We did a necklace with singer Tori Kelly which was really fun. We hope to do more with other artists and singers. We are beginning to sell vintage on our site, which we are really excited about. All one of kind pieces we’ve found in LA.  

Interview conducted by Claire Deane for The Dark Horse Jewellery