Posted On May 05TH 2015

Fashion's biggest night of the year is finally here! Held in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MET Gala's theme this year was "China: Through The Looking Glass".

The decadent rich colours mixed in with beautiful embroidery and exquisite jewellery created a dramatic statement on the carpet. Celebrities helped create further drama this year with over the top earrings, not shying away from a bold lip added with a elaborate earring.

Get the look with our new designer available at The Dark Horse, Elizabeth Cole. A celebrity favourite and with her jewellery made for the red carpet, we have the perfect edit online.

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Posted On April 20TH 2015

The Bombay Collection is that perfect collection for the girl who wants to achieve an effortless style. That style everyone envies, the girl who didn't put in much effort yet always looks stylishly chic. The art of layering necklaces is something she has mastered and is easily achievable by mixing our Sihor Charm Necklace with the Delhi Lariat. Wear this with a button up shirt, your necklace's peaking out, the perfect mix of sexy and stylish.


Posted On April 13TH 2015

Fallen in love, but payday isn't until next week? If it's over $100, and you've got your eye on just one piece (for now), we have a take home lay-by system to help you! This mean you can wear your special item now and pay for it when pay day rolls around later! Did we mention you'd be crazy not to take advantage?

The lay-by policy can be used for one item at a time for any item over $100. Unless an item has completely been paid off, another item can not be purchased with the lay-by service. A 30% deposit must be paid initially and the item will be sent out to you immediately!

You will then have exactly four weeks from the date you paid the deposit to finalise the payment. Just log into your account and choose how much you would like to pay.

Image // Laurie Fleming Choker

Abby Phillips X The Dark Horse Jewellery

Posted On March 31TH 2015

At the youthful age of 16, Abby Phillips is already a making a statement in the world of art. Hailing from the US, her work as a mixed media artist has already seen her collaborate with names such as Zanita Whittington.

Influenced from nature, the movement of waves, flowers and then incorporating with geometric shapes and modern colour schemes has helped create Abby's unique style of art.

Abby has created a series of works with our jewellery in her signature youthful style. 

Further works from Abby can be viewed on her instagram or her website.


Posted On March 31TH 2015

The septum ring is the newest trend to trickle down from the runway, onto celebrities and then into mainstream styles. Despite what you may have heard, the septum piercing is not just for the punk or gothic scene. You can find the septum ring on the likes of celebrities like the boundary pushing Rihanna to the classic Jessica Biel.

Wearing it with classic dresses or comfortable outfits, the septum ring can fit into anyones style - adding another level of cool to your look.

Not one to commit to the septum ring, The Dark Horse has a removable septum ring coming very soon (no piercing required!).

Would you dare wear the septum ring?

Shop the look with our faux septum!


Posted On March 05TH 2015

Layering delicates is a must for the stylish instagram bloggers and celebrities we love so much! Below are some tips on how to get the look.

With necklaces, to create a graduated effect, start with a delicate shorter necklace and then add a longer, slightly more heavier or chunkier necklace. You can also mix in different styles, just keep the base metal or colour the same to create a flowing style (rather then having it clash).

The greatest part about delicates is that the more you add, the better they can look! Do not be afraid to pop on a delicate earring and also a beautiful delicate chain necklace. The usual rule of letting one item stand out does not apply with delicates, you can wear as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable about.

Rings are a great way to start layering, add a chunky or thicker style and then add a thin style one finger away. Wear more then one ring on the same finger, try on of our midi rings which are worn on the top half of the finger (with another ring down the base of the finger).

A great way to always have this effortless, delicate style is buying jewellery which is 9K gold (or more). We love Claire Aristides for that reason, her jewellery will stay bright even after endless showers in them (a clean once in a while does still help), you will forget you even have it on, making it part of your personal style.

Start slowly if this intimidates you, below are some favourites which will help you create the delicate layered style you have always wanted.

1 - Claire Aristides Delicate Horseshoe Bracelet Rose Gold
2 - Claire Aristides Hamsa Bracelet Rose Gold
3 - Luv Aj Marble Drop Necklace Silver
4 - Anita K Counting Stars Bracelet Silver
5 - SHH - Arrow Front & Back Earring Gold
6 - Luv Aj Marble Flare Earring Silver
7 - Sarina Suriano Spherical Splendida Silver
8 - Damselfly Lyra Ring
9 - SHH Etoile Front Back Earring
10 - SHH Delicate Starry Bracelet


Posted On February 26TH 2015

The cross earring has become immensely popular over the past couple months, seen on celebrities (yes, that is Helen Mirren rocking a cross earring) to models on the street, this trend does not need to intimate you!

This trend started in the 80's (think Madonna like-a-virgin-days), although we have come a long way since then! The cross earrings is a statement, it is meant to be worn to be seen and can match any style you throw it with. Wearing all black, the gold cross earirngs will create a soft punk look to it. Heading to a wedding, the smaller styles are the perfect delicate statement without overpowering you.

Australian brand, Ford + Harris has created a beautiful edit of cross earrings, seen on celebrities from Lara Bingle to Nadia Fairfax. A delicate take on the elaborate cross style, the earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

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Posted On February 09TH 2015

THE ENVY EDIT is by Angelique, who draws a collection of daily drawings of all sorts of must haves! We have asked her to pick and draw her favourite five items off The Dark Horse. Below are the incredible images and details on why they are her favourite.

Lately I have found myself drawn to simpler pieces that can be worn everyday. I still want them to be striking, yet delicate and layering gold is a must do at the moment! After much deliberation, I have picked my top 5 which have the above features in common.

AMBER SCEATS TUSK EARRING // I adore how simple yet edgy these earrings are. I am coming out of the heavily encrusted phase and these define strong yet cool in my books. The delicate mixed with the bold wins every time!

LOUISE JEAN FINE WIRE EARRING GOLD // Loving the little bar style trend at the moment and really like how this style has the open end. The delicate nature of these earrings means they are perfect for everyday wear. Love how ideal they are for multiple piercings without being overpowering.

AU REVOIR LES FILLES ETERNAL SIGNET RING GOLD // Absolutely love a traditional signet ring with a trendy twist. This is one of those pieces that speaks for itself.

FORD + HARRIS THE SPIKE JONZE SUCCULENT DAGGER EARRING YELLOW GOLD // I am a huge fan of the entire collection, the idea of mixing cacti and jewellery is brilliant! Ford + Harris have done it in such a fun yet sophisticated way.

ANITA K LOVE ME NOT BONE CHOKER GOLD // I am an absolute sucker for a choker at the moment! The beautiful piece is simple yet with an edgy twist, perfect on it's own or combined with other pieces. This is a go-to for instant cool.


Posted On February 09TH 2015

Here at The Dark Horse we have been waiting in anticipation for the Grammy's and not just for the dresses but for the incredible jewels! This year we have seen a mix of statement earcuffs and simple pieces complimenting the dress, rather then distracting.

Earcuffs are still a strong trend, adorning the ear on either both or one side. This all depends on how lavish the ear cuff is, the usual rule of thumb is a statement earcuff is worn on one ear with a small stud to compliment the other side.

Simple diamante studs were seen on the usual rule breaking Miley Cyrus and Rihanna shows off her incredible layering skills, this time with multiple earrings.

What are your thoughts on the jewellery seen at the Grammy's this year?


Images via JustJared.Com


Posted On February 06TH 2015

Beautiful free spirit, Rochelle Fox in the Balyck Gunmetal Chained Earcuff.

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