Feminine and subtle, rose gold exudes sophistication. Its warmth – a contrast to the cool elegance of sterling silver – makes it a classy alternative to other metals.


Flattering to most skin tones (particularly those with yellow or warm undertones), the world was swept up into a storm when Apple released its rose gold iPhone last year (arguably more pink that rose gold, but that’s just a technicality). It’s not just Apple either: Alexander Wang made a rose gold satchel. You can get a floor-length, fishtail version of Herve Leger’s iconic bandage dress in rose gold, a rose gold version of Birkenstock’s classic Arizona sandal, or rose gold-tinted sunglasses from Michael Kors.


Also known as Russian Gold, it was popularised in the 19th century, and beloved by the Victorians for its romantic aura. Personally, it reminds us of the glow just before sunset… and of chilled rosé! But what gives rose gold its distinct hue? Copper. Rose gold simply contains a higher level of copper than yellow gold.


We love it because it is perfect for mixing and matching, as it blends seamlessly with gold and silver. It looks stunning against natural materials and neutral colours, especially shades of blush, pink and ivory (making it perfect for weddings!). Why not have a play yourself and see what combinations work for you?


Shop our favourite rose gold pieces here.

Written by @phoebetully 


The Dark Horse is four years old! Thank you to you all for supporting us these past few years and for being the coolest, most gorgeous women around! Your style and demand for excellence has always fueled our fire – and we hope you’ll be around to help lead the way for many more years to come. We sat down with TDH’s boss lady Aleen to talk celebrations, rules and, of course, jewels.

Congratulations on your fourth birthday! How do you celebrate your victories? 

We never have celebrated birthdays, but this year is very exciting and different. We are offering our customers something very special, which only newsletter subscribers knew about (just one of the perks – make sure you sign up via our home page to be included!). Personally, I’ll be sitting down with a nice bottle of Champagne and toasting in our new year.

You must spend a lot of time thinking about jewellery and the way women wear it. What are a few of your favourite things to see?

I love seeing customers share images of their goodies. It means so much to us when you share that excitement. To me, it never gets old; it's part of what makes business much more pleasurable instead of getting wrapped up with data and numbers.

How would you describe your own collection?

My jewellery collection is very eclectic. I do lean towards more delicate pieces, but layer them with bigger earrings or a statement ring. I have a couple vintage items and also many beautiful pieces gifted to me over the years and mix costume jewellery with real gold, diamonds etc.

What is the must-have piece for every woman’s collection?

Earrings always complement a woman’s face. I love the confidence earrings bring to their wearer – especially while wearing your hair up. It’s beautiful and a look anyone can pull off with the right pair.

What rule do you always break?

Mixing golds, colours and chains. I will wear a delicate thin chain necklace with a thicker chain and always mix gold, silver and rose gold. 

What rule do you never break?

Big earrings and big necklace, one or the other. It's an old rule many people break, but I personally like to keep one as a statement.



As founder and owner of The Dark Horse, Aleen has picked her current favourite items off The Dark Horse. 

Leather Neck Tie

To be honest, this has been a favourite since it launched. It matches any outfit and just creates an effortless vibe which I love. I personally have both colours but seem to wear the black one pretty much every day! This piece has a way of capturing attention, I receive a comment or a compliment on it whenever I wear it, including from people you would least expect (my postman is a big fan!).

Moonstone Rainbow Pendant Leather Wrap

I may be biased picking White Label pieces which I design in-house, but this is such a favourite of mine at the moment! I love crystals, I love the meaning behind them and especially the moonstone, which is known for helping make better decisions, something that always comes in handy when running a business.

Luv Aj Full Bloom Statement Ring Silver

Another item I wear this everyday! I am a big fan of jewellery I do not need to think about and I just throw on. I go through phases and find I wear the same items for a couple months and then change it to something else, I've been wearing this ring daily for the past two month.

Reliquia Egyptian Hoop Earrings

I kept one of these as soon as they arrived! I find I wear a lot of black or white and this adds an element of colour with it's blue detailing inside the gold of the earring. I also love the shade of gold, it isn't overly yellow and a softer shade of gold which works better with my skin tone.


As you know, we’re big fans of stones and crystals here at The Dark Horse. Not only because they are stunning, but because everyone needs a bit of magic help in their lives – even Mum. Here are some of our favourite pieces to infuse a bit of creativity, love and beauty into her everyday…


Moonstone Rainbow Pendant by The Dark Horse’s White Label

This beautiful moonstone is known for its properties in introspection and reflection, harbouring clear decision-making and judgment. It also encourages freedom of expression, which in turn enhances creativity. A versatile piece that can be worn long or wrapped around the neck, wrist or ankle, we love it worn like this as a stand-alone against a simple black dress. It also looks beautiful when layered with other favourite pieces.


The Moonstone Rainbow matches Pisces in particular – being honest and generous can sometimes lead to being taken advantage of. The crystal helps the trusting Pisces make sound judgments. Find out more about what crystal suits Mum’s star sign here.


Limited-Edition Orbit Bracelet by YCL Jewels

Exclusively available from The Dark Horse, the orbit bracelets are sold as a pair – one for Mum, one for you. The rose quartz stone, also known as the love stone, symbolises unconditional love, and serves to enhance the love between the wearers. A modern and chic take on the matchy-matchy mother and daughter trend!


As limited edition pieces, the bracelets will not be available after Mother's Day. Snap them up while you can!


Special Stone Ring by Reliquia

This simple 18ct gold ring is inlaid with cubic zirconia stones – perfect if you love the look of stones and crystals without wanting to harness their properties. The timeless and elegant piece can be worn with every outfit. Better yet – it’s on sale!

Written by @phoebetully 


When it comes to the choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we often find ourselves torn. Does Mum want something sentimental? Something really useful? Something luxurious that she would never buy herself but really, really wants? The answer to all of these is, of course, jewellery.


From the classic to the glitzy statements pieces, we’ve put together some gift ideas for mama that are sure to win you some brownie points – and maybe even fuel some friendly sibling rivalry.


Go for something for the baby…

If your BFF has just become a mama herself, this super sweet baby bracelet by What Would Karl Do is the perfect thing. Anchors are a symbol of hope, but as any new mother knows, so is a good friendship!


Go for classic…

A simple gold bangle will go with anything at any time of the day or night. Sophisticated and elegant, this number by Anita K will elevate every outfit, whether it’s for work or play.


Go personal…

If you’re an only child, you’re in luck. You only need to buy one of these monogram bracelets from Mezi! If you’re not, get all your siblings to pitch in to give your mama a set with all your initials. She can pick and choose who her favourite child is each day…!


Go for something she wouldn’t buy herself…

A pair of chic, Art Deco-inspired drop earrings from Peter Lang could be just what your mum needs to make every day special. The elegant pair will work with a LBD or an evening gown – perfect for date nights with Dad, which are going to be far more frequent with these sexy things hanging around.


Go for a message…

This simple necklace from Matters Speaking sums it all up. Mamas, we love you.

Written by @phoebetully 


Crystals are all the rage, but did you know they are more then a pretty stone? We have put together a guide for which stone would be perfect for your star sign! Whether you believe in astrology or not, it does feel pretty special to have a stone that is made for you!

Howlite White - Virgo

Virgo's have a keen mind which can sometimes lead to perfectionist tendencies. Howlite White provides a calm and grounding force to it's user, soothing the Virgo's overactive mind.


Lapis Lazuli - Cancer

Cancers enjoy their me-time, and sometimes can avoid telling others how they truly feel. Lapis Lazuli aids in communication, creating positive and open dialogue for Cancers.


Chrysocolla - Leo

Leo's are natural born leaders and are able to be forthright in their opinions. Chrysocolla aids users in gentle communication, enhancing the Leo's power with compassion and empathy. 


Amethyst - Libra

Libra's are naturally intuitive, but struggle to struts their own instincts. Amethyst enhances one's sense of guidance, allowing Libra's to trust their inner wisdom.


Celestite - Scorpio

Scorpio's are keen observers, and approach circumstances with vigour. The Celestite stone aids in providing clarity to the watchful Scorpio, with its cleansing power useful in calming their intensity.


Clear Quartz- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius' have great determination, and can bring enthusiasm to any situation. However, they must channel their energy or they will wear themselves out going in too many directions. Clear Quartz is useful in directing and creating energy, creating a focus to the Sagittarius' life. 


Rose Quartz- Capricorn 

Capricorn's are great at understanding other's problems and often take it upon themselves to fix them, sometimes at the neglect of their own feelings and needs. Rose Quartz strengthens the empathy the Capricorn shows to others, whilst allowing the user to also look after and nurture themselves. 


Rainbow Moonstone- Pisces 

Pisces are honest and generous, which can sometimes lead to them being taken advantage of. Rainbow Moonstone encourages introspection and reflection, allowing for better decision making for the trusting Pisces.


Aventurine Green- Taurus

Taurus' are steadfast and find happiness in the simple joys of life, however their love of consistency can sometimes lead to a fear of change. Aventurine Green, as the stone of opportunity allows Taurus' to see the good in the new, and bring forward prosperity and luck in emerging endeavours. 


Obsidian BlackGemini

Gemini's have an insatiable curiosity, and are the communicators of the zodiac. Relying more on mental analysis than gut instinct, Obsidian Black enhances the Gemini's connection to the spiritual realm, allowing their inner guidance to coincide with their quick mind. 



Aries are able to charge ahead with determination, sometimes to their own detriment. Fuschite has strong healing properties, allowing the Aries to bounce back from any setbacks, reigniting the signs natural energy and courage. 


Red Tigers EyeAquarius

Aquarius' make great friends and have a love of community. However, this immersion in group activities mean the Aquarius can struggle to assert themselves as individuals and become sluggish in their own ambitions. Red Tiger's Eye is beneficial in igniting the Aquarius' vibrancy, allowing them to take care of their own endeavours.



Wearing yellow gold with white gold with silver with oxidized silver with platinum has been a contentious jewellery topic for decades, especially among those who don’t wear white after Labor Day. So is metal-mixing a faux pas, or is it just plain cool? Well, we happen to like it, which is all the ruling we need!

We're not talking about only stacking your yellow-gold midi rings with your platinum ones. We love Anita K’s new collection features pieces because they combine mixed-metals into the one piece. Ready to give the style a try? Here are some tips:


Firstly, your wedding ring should not rule into the equation

The colour of your wedding rings shouldn’t be considered at all! They are so much apart of you that they don’t really count.


Wear One Piece That Combines

I think one of the easiest ways to blend metals in an outfit is to wear a piece of jewelry that combines both colors. Pieces like this are so practical because you can go in either direction, or both, in one look. Add some silver earrings and a gold bracelet and nothing looks out of place.


Stack Your Metals

Stack or layer two metal colors in one place. You can also do this by layering several necklaces in silver and gold, or with a watch and bracelet.


Bring In A Third Colour

Introduce a third color that connects the two metal shades. For example, if wearing a gold necklace and a silver bangle, add some earrings that are gold and black, or a cocktail ring that combines all three. It makes the accessories look more cohesive.


Shop the new Anita K pieces here.

Written By Phoebe Tully 


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The latest must-have in your jewellery ‘drobe is a leather neck-tie. Instant sex kitten.

A blogger and celebrity favourite, it works with any outfit. We rounded up some of our favourite looks above. Wear it on its own, tied right up at your neck or looped around and hanging free. Wear it with other necklaces, bringing your own style – wear it be boho or edgy luxe – into the mix. Wear it with a t-shirt and jeans, or dress it up with a cocktail frock. It goes with everything and can be worn however you like!

Available for pre-order now exclusively from The Dark Horse, the super thin ties have gold tips and come in both black and white. Get in there before everyone else does!


True to the label’s eponymous fruit, there is a bitter sweetness to Lemon Jewellery’s creations. Owner and designer Libby Haines creates dramatic statement pieces that transcend the mundane to uncover elegance in the grotesque and bring a stunning originality to the wearer. This is not a label for shrinking violets!

We sat down with Libby to talk all things lemon: chokers, moodiness and making bold decisions.


Why did you start Lemon Jewellery?

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for years in design and production, but in 2013 I was at a bit of dead end career-wise. My boyfriend and I decided we needed a change and we packed up and moved to Bali. Quite a few of our friends in Bali have amazing labels of their own and they were all pushing me to try my own thing. Without their help and encouragement, I’m not sure Lemon would have been born! 

My professional background is in garments and swimwear but jewellery is what I was really drawn to doing. I have always used it as a way to express my personal style, layering up in bold/unusual pieces. Starting Lemon felt like a way for me to make something that was different and exciting. I like the idea that it can be worn by anyone and you don’t need to be a certain size or body shape for it to suit you.


Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Originally I studied visual arts at university and wanted to be a painter or even art therapist. Fashion became a stronger obsession as I studied and eventually I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do. It’s definitely the creative side I love most about the industry and now I really can’t imagine doing anything else.


How has the brand changed since you first started it?

I think the aesthetic has changed a bit since the first collection but it has happened naturally and gradually, just in the same way that I have changed I suppose and so has my taste and what I enjoy creating. Ultimately the concept has stayed the same.


Who is the Lemon woman?

I don’t know if I have a particular customer in mind when I’m designing. I love the idea of my jewellery being worn by a strong independent woman who knows her sense of personal style and self, and she wears Lemon as a way to express that. But honestly it doesn’t need to be that complex either; anyone who thinks the pieces look cool (man or woman) and feel comfortable in them is enough for me!


How do you describe your aesthetic to someone who has never seen your pieces?

Moody, statement pieces, not for the faint-hearted.


How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?

I personally wear all the pieces to death – I like to layer them up with fairly plain outfits and let the jewels speak for themselves. 


Where are you most inspired to create?

I work from home mostly so guess this is where the majority of my creating happens, although, my inspiration seems to come from the most random things and in the most random places. When this happens I am normally without the resources to write it down or draw it properly. I normally end up scribbling something down on a receipt or putting an obscure note in my phone that I later have to decipher. 


Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

The Half Bone Choker is probably my favourite piece from the collection. I wear it nearly every day and feel like it can be worn casually or added to an outfit to make it a bit dressier.


What are the essential ingredients to one of your designs? 

I think I like to make sure each piece has a small quirk to it that is distinctively Lemon. I don’t like anything too neat or perfect either. It obviously needs to look beautiful when being worn, but I aim to create pieces that have an edge so that people feel a bit special and a bit different when they are wearing Lemon.


What’s next for Lemon Jewellery?

I’m currently working on my next collection, which I am really excited about and in the process of planning the next campaign. Planning and shooting campaigns is one of my favourite parts of the whole process! I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world!


Shop Lemon Jewellery’s latest collection here.



In celebration of International Women's Day, YCL Jewels released a mini-collection, inspired by the feminine, for the feminine. The stunning collection was designed with the beauty of the female body in mind. Each piece was designed to effortlessly flow with the neckline and curvature of the chest.


As with all of Fabienne’s pieces, the collection is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with a minimal carbon footprint. Each of her designs embrace the principles of sacred geometry, and feature crystals chosen to support the wearer in living wholeheartedly, manifesting goals and dissipating negative energy. The perfect me-gift!


We thought it might be fun to peek into the jewellery box of Fabienne too. Following on from Laurie Fleming and Aleen (Founder of The Dark Horse), allow us to introduce you to Fabienne of YCL Jewels. Recently home from a workcation in India, Fabienne designs and handcrafts her jewellery from Brisbane, Australia.


Fabienne Costa, Jewellery Designer


  1. Rose quartz tumble stone // I think this stone because it’s small and compact so it doesn’t take up to much room, but it also infuses each piece of jewellery with love.
  2. Delicate ear cuff by Mezi // Such a subtle but statement piece. I love this brand!
  3. Infinite Necklace with Garnet by YCL Jewels // This is my go-to necklace. It’s simple and elegant and works with everything.
  4. Vintage Disc necklace // Jewellery as gifts hold even more value. This necklace was a gift from my Mamma.
  5. Old, tarnished costume jewellery // I bought these nearly 10 years ago, and it’s what first ignited by love for jewellery design. 
  6. Rose Quartz Ring by YCL Jewels // Coming in May, this ring is a continuation of my obsession with rose quartz (see above!).