TDH: How did the two of you meet and come to gel creatively? 

Natalie: I met Cole’s roommate at a party in LA and she kept telling me that needed to meet her roommate. She thought we’d get along because I was reading a book on serial killers at the time and Cole was reading a book on decomposing bodies. When we met, it was kind of love at first, creepy site. We’ve been friends and have been working together ever since.

TDH: Tell us about your brand background –when and how did your love of jewellery and your business begin?  

Cole: Nat was interning for a designer in LA who had suggested she start an accessories line to bring to market with his. She texted me asking if I wanted to start a line together and I said, “yes, we’ll make things out of bones+feathers!” We liked the way it sounded, so we made that our name.  

Natalie: We initially started out making fresh flowered headpieces and Kate Bosworth wore one to Coachella. It was kind of the look of the festival that year. People started emailing us for linesheets and our brand info. We had no idea what any of that was. All we had was our name, so we decided to make it more of an official brand and segued into jewelry.

TDH: How did you come to find and determine your aesthetic? 

Cole: I’m a bit more girly of the two us and tend to wear sheer dresses and skirts. Natalie tends to dress more masculine, but we are both very minimal. I think that’s what we try to incorporate into all of our designs/our aesthetic. Every piece is feminine with a bit of edge.  

Natalie: Yeah. Everything we make kind of has that juxtaposition of hard and soft, city and nature, masculine and feminine. We try to bring that feel into everything we create.

TDH: Talk us through the conception, designing and making progress of your jewellery in LA. 

Natalie: We normally brainstorm and pull pictures of what’s inspiring us at the moment, things that we are into. We discuss our ideas and Cole will sketch them out in water color paintings/drawings. We bring that to our production, who then create a mold/prototype of our designs and we go from there. 

Cole: It’s nice making and sourcing everything in LA. We are super hands on and can create close relationships with all of our vendors. Every piece goes through us before being shipped out to stores.

TDH: What was the inspiration for your latest collection?  

Natalie & Cole: Quartz. Prisms. Minimal, geometric shapes. The ocean. Nature.

TDH: Who are the designers and brands you look up to or love to follow? 

Natalie & Cole: We are actually really obsessed with Australian designers and bloggers at the moment. We love Oracle Fox Blog, Lack of Color hats, The Mania Mania jewelry. And then we obviously love Givenchy, Celine (Phoebe Philo), Acne, and we want to own everything blogger Maja Wyh wears.

TDH: What are three words you’d use to describe the Bones + Feathers Collective brand? 

Natalie & Cole: Dreamy. Masculine. Feminine.

TDH: What materials do you use and why? And where are they sourced?

Natalie & Cole: Everything is made from brass, raw quartz or onyx, and then plated in either 18K Gold or Silver. We love the durability of brass and the way it wears over time. We love that it tarnishes and changes color. We just started getting into the balancing energy of crystals and are obsessed with the shape, both raw and cut. Everything we use is sourced in LA.

TDH: Describe the ultimate Bones + Feathers Collective customer –who is she/he? 

Natalie & Cole: A non-asshole who knows what they want.

TDH: What’s next for Bones + Feathers Collective  –any brand collaborations or new collections in the works? 

Natalie & Cole: We have a few collaborations we are in the middle of working on that we can’t talk about just yet. We did a necklace with singer Tori Kelly which was really fun. We hope to do more with other artists and singers. We are beginning to sell vintage on our site, which we are really excited about. All one of kind pieces we’ve found in LA.  

Interview conducted by Claire Deane for The Dark Horse Jewellery 


TDH: Tell us about your background –when and how did your love of jewellery and your business begin? 

L: I’ve worked in the Fashion Industry for years in Design and Production but in 2013 I was at a bit of dead end career wise. My boyfriend and I decided we needed a change and we packed up and moved to Bali. Quite a few of our friends in Bali have amazing labels of their own and they were all pushing me to try my own thing. Without their help and encouragement I’m not sure Lemon would have been born! 

My professional background is in garments and swimwear but jewellery is what I was really drawn to doing. I have always used it as a way to express my personal style, layering up in bold/unusual pieces. Starting Lemon felt like a way for me to make something that was different and exciting. 

TDH: You have a very specific aesthetic. How did you come to find your style?

L: I have always had a strong personal style and knew when starting Lemon it was important I created pieces that I would be proud of and would want to wear myself. I’ve always been fascinated with the grotesque and quirky so I wanted to create jewellery that embraces the unusual and make pieces that were genuinely different.

Inspiration shots from the @lemonjewellery Instagram

TDH: Talk us through the conception, designing and making progress of your jewellery.

L: I am based in Melbourne but also spend part of my time in Bali, where the jewellery is produced. My pieces are made by hand through combining the stones with brass and silver. I like to have a theme or concept in mind when I design my pieces and whole collections so that they all tie in together and can be worn layered or as stand-alone pieces. I try to put love into the design of each piece. 

TDH: What was the inspiration for your latest collection? 

L: ‘Filthy Hearts’ is ultimately about flaws and the beauty found within imperfection. The idea is based on a quote that I have used throughout the range and engraved on the inside or outside of certain pieces: “I love you in spite of your filthy heart”. 

The handwriting used on the inside of the pieces is actual my partner Sam’s handwriting which is a personal touch I love. The range takes organic shapes and pairs them with unpolished off beat stones. Hardware and armory is also a feature with bolts, plates and chains throughout.  

An image from the collection, ‘Filthy Hearts’ –source from the Lemon website. 

TDH: Which Lemon Jewellery pieces will you be launching on the Dark horse?

L: Pieces from the Filthy Hearts Collection, which I’m really excited about and can’t wait to see them up on the Dark Horse!

TDH: Who are the designers and brands you look up to or love to follow?

L: My biggest inspiration comes from my friends with their own labels and brands –Lottie from Lottie Hall, Jock from In Minds Eye and Dakota from SKYE & Staghorn to name a few!

 It is so amazing to see how hard they all work and it really pay off for them. They are such a strong emotional support for me and encourage me to keep at it and stay in touch with my personal style and aesthetic. 

And for broader inspiration I love to follow anyone who is doing something a bit different. Independent photographers and artists who are creating unusual and bold work, that is always really inspiring.

Left Image: Sourced from SKYE & Staghorn | Centre Image: Sourced from In Minds Eye | Right Image: Sourced from Lottie Hall

TDH: What are three words you’d use to describe the Lemon brand?

L: Moody. Imperfect. Beautiful.

TDH: What materials do you use and why? And where are they sourced?

L: The stones in my collection are actually sourced by my boyfriend in outback QLD by hand. They rough cut natural occurring combinations of pyrite, copper and quartz. 

TDH: Describe the ultimate Lemon customer –who is she? 

L: I don’t know if I have a particular customer in mind when I’m designing although I love the idea of my jewellery being worn by a strong independent women who knows her sense of personal style and self, and she wears Lemon as a way to express that. But honestly it doesn’t need to be that complex either; anyone who thinks the pieces look cool and feel comfortable in them is enough for me! 

TDH: What’s next for Lemon Jewellery –any brand collaborations or new collections in the works?

L: I have played around with the idea of collaborating with some friends but nothing is in the works yet! Would love to though! I am working on my third collection currently which I am really excited about and can’t wait until its ready to share with the world!

Shop all Lemon Jewellery here.

Interview conducted by Claire Deane for The Dark Horse Jewellery


We couldn’t be more excited to introduce a new brand to The Dark Horse stable, YCL Jewels! To celebrate, we’re taking 5 minutes behind the scenes with YCL Jewels founder, Fabienne, to talk crystals, sacred geometry and how this former nurse followed her dreams to become a jewellery designer.

TDH: Why did you start YCL Jewels?
F: I’d been making jewellery since I was 13, and I’d always loved it, but never realized it was something I could do as a career! I always knew I wanted to start my own business though. I started Your Core Light as a blog, and wanted to create something tangible to extend my message, and was visiting my local markets in Brisbane, where I was inspired by a beautiful crystal designer, and YCL Jewels was born!

TDH: Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?
F: Not at all! I was a nurse before starting YCL, although I had always been quite creative, I love singing and writing songs and painting. Once I started the business, 2 years ago, I knew I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.
TDH: How has the brand changed since you first started it?
F: When YCL first started, the brand was very different! I had a very bohemian aesthetic, and now my vision is much clearer. Bohemian style for me felt very safe and comfortable, and now I know that I want YCL to be high end, high quality and beautiful. It’s so important to me that I maintain the beautiful intention of the crystals and sacred geometry of the designs, while creating pieces that can be worn every day.

TDH: Why did you want to work with crystals and sacred geometry?
F: I wanted to create a high end jewellery line that harbored mindfulness and intention, but also looked beautiful – and made the women who wore it feel the same way. I wanted my customers to be able to wear something that was on trend and in style, while creating a movement of mindful women who are also stylish and really embrace who they are. I see my pieces as tools that allow the women who wear them to embrace mindfulness, for example, each piece has a tiny garnet drop at the clasp that remind the wearer of the intention of the piece.

TDH: Where are you most inspired to create?
F: I’m inspired when I’m reading – and often things will come to me in dreams! The latest collection, Relics, came to me in a dream – I saw a variety of different artifacts and treasures that I have collected throughout my journey laid out in caves. It was surreal! Reading opens me up to different worlds and infinite sources of inspiration.

TDH: Which is your favourite piece from the latest collection?
F: The Waterfall of the Heart Necklace, because it encompasses the femininity of the natural womanly shape and it flows with the shape of the body. I like to think it inspires women to honour their bodies as it falls over their heart chakra.

TDH: How do you imagine the pieces from the latest collection being worn?
F: Sometimes I think of the pieces paired with a beautiful flowing summery dress, while other times I like to think of the more feminine pieces paired with a really tailored, corporate outfit – but always with multiple layers.

TDH: What pieces of jewellery do you never leave home without?
F: At the moment, I’m always wearing the Hero Infinite necklace.

TDH: What are your own personal jewellery relics collected over the years?
F: I’m a jewellery hoarder! I still have jewellery from when I was a baby, fine jewellery I collected when I was last in Japan and costume rings that are so tarnished, but I still adore them.

TDH: What’s your favourite, all round crystal for a crystal newbie?
F: I love rose quartz, it’s the stone of love and when we love ourselves, anything can happen!

TDH: How do you design each YCL piece to infuse it with intention?
F: I think about what our YCL woman would wear, and then I design to the shape and flow of the body and the flow of energy centres or chakras. I love to choose crystals that will work with the energy centres of the body too, for example a rose quartz works beautifully over the heart chakra as it promotes self love, opening of the heart and inner peace. I love to add little unexpected touches too, like a garnet by the clasp, and everything is made with 100% gold fill, so it can be worn every day without tarnishing.

Interview conducted by Claire Deane for The Dark Horse Jewellery


Posted On May 05TH 2015

Fashion's biggest night of the year is finally here! Held in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MET Gala's theme this year was "China: Through The Looking Glass".

The decadent rich colours mixed in with beautiful embroidery and exquisite jewellery created a dramatic statement on the carpet. Celebrities helped create further drama this year with over the top earrings, not shying away from a bold lip added with a elaborate earring.

Get the look with our new designer available at The Dark Horse, Elizabeth Cole. A celebrity favourite and with her jewellery made for the red carpet, we have the perfect edit online.

View more images on our Facebook page or shop our new bold earrings.


Posted On April 20TH 2015

The Bombay Collection is that perfect collection for the girl who wants to achieve an effortless style. That style everyone envies, the girl who didn't put in much effort yet always looks stylishly chic. The art of layering necklaces is something she has mastered and is easily achievable by mixing our Sihor Charm Necklace with the Delhi Lariat. Wear this with a button up shirt, your necklace's peaking out, the perfect mix of sexy and stylish.


Posted On April 13TH 2015

Fallen in love, but payday isn't until next week? If it's over $100, and you've got your eye on just one piece (for now), we have a take home lay-by system to help you! This mean you can wear your special item now and pay for it when pay day rolls around later! Did we mention you'd be crazy not to take advantage?

The lay-by policy can be used for one item at a time for any item over $100. Unless an item has completely been paid off, another item can not be purchased with the lay-by service. A 30% deposit must be paid initially and the item will be sent out to you immediately!

You will then have exactly four weeks from the date you paid the deposit to finalise the payment. Just log into your account and choose how much you would like to pay.

Image // Laurie Fleming Choker

Abby Phillips X The Dark Horse Jewellery

Posted On March 31TH 2015

At the youthful age of 16, Abby Phillips is already a making a statement in the world of art. Hailing from the US, her work as a mixed media artist has already seen her collaborate with names such as Zanita Whittington.

Influenced from nature, the movement of waves, flowers and then incorporating with geometric shapes and modern colour schemes has helped create Abby's unique style of art.

Abby has created a series of works with our jewellery in her signature youthful style. 

Further works from Abby can be viewed on her instagram or her website.


Posted On March 31TH 2015

The septum ring is the newest trend to trickle down from the runway, onto celebrities and then into mainstream styles. Despite what you may have heard, the septum piercing is not just for the punk or gothic scene. You can find the septum ring on the likes of celebrities like the boundary pushing Rihanna to the classic Jessica Biel.

Wearing it with classic dresses or comfortable outfits, the septum ring can fit into anyones style - adding another level of cool to your look.

Not one to commit to the septum ring, The Dark Horse has a removable septum ring coming very soon (no piercing required!).

Would you dare wear the septum ring?

Shop the look with our faux septum!


Posted On March 05TH 2015

Layering delicates is a must for the stylish instagram bloggers and celebrities we love so much! Below are some tips on how to get the look.

With necklaces, to create a graduated effect, start with a delicate shorter necklace and then add a longer, slightly more heavier or chunkier necklace. You can also mix in different styles, just keep the base metal or colour the same to create a flowing style (rather then having it clash).

The greatest part about delicates is that the more you add, the better they can look! Do not be afraid to pop on a delicate earring and also a beautiful delicate chain necklace. The usual rule of letting one item stand out does not apply with delicates, you can wear as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable about.

Rings are a great way to start layering, add a chunky or thicker style and then add a thin style one finger away. Wear more then one ring on the same finger, try on of our midi rings which are worn on the top half of the finger (with another ring down the base of the finger).

A great way to always have this effortless, delicate style is buying jewellery which is 9K gold (or more). We love Claire Aristides for that reason, her jewellery will stay bright even after endless showers in them (a clean once in a while does still help), you will forget you even have it on, making it part of your personal style.

Start slowly if this intimidates you, below are some favourites which will help you create the delicate layered style you have always wanted.

1 - Claire Aristides Delicate Horseshoe Bracelet Rose Gold
2 - Claire Aristides Hamsa Bracelet Rose Gold
3 - Luv Aj Marble Drop Necklace Silver
4 - Anita K Counting Stars Bracelet Silver
5 - SHH - Arrow Front & Back Earring Gold
6 - Luv Aj Marble Flare Earring Silver
7 - Sarina Suriano Spherical Splendida Silver
8 - Damselfly Lyra Ring
9 - SHH Etoile Front Back Earring
10 - SHH Delicate Starry Bracelet


Posted On February 26TH 2015

The cross earring has become immensely popular over the past couple months, seen on celebrities (yes, that is Helen Mirren rocking a cross earring) to models on the street, this trend does not need to intimate you!

This trend started in the 80's (think Madonna like-a-virgin-days), although we have come a long way since then! The cross earrings is a statement, it is meant to be worn to be seen and can match any style you throw it with. Wearing all black, the gold cross earirngs will create a soft punk look to it. Heading to a wedding, the smaller styles are the perfect delicate statement without overpowering you.

Australian brand, Ford + Harris has created a beautiful edit of cross earrings, seen on celebrities from Lara Bingle to Nadia Fairfax. A delicate take on the elaborate cross style, the earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

View the range >>