The Dark Horse muse is a trend setter with a wicked sense of humour and a infectious laugh. People will stare at what our muse wears, even when minimal it captures attention.

The Dark Horse muse understands trends, although never succumbs to them. Not like the rest of them, a complete understanding of their unique style, they work their magic on even the simplest t-shirt and delicate chain necklace combination.

Layering jewellery is an artform our muse has mastered, even the fact it can become caught onto clothing does not stop our muse from stacking.

The Dark Horse muse understands the importance of jewellery, the full stop to a sentence. It completes an outfit, not wearing jewellery is like decorating a house with no art, no interesting trinkets, no lamps, nothing to represent the person living there.

What you wear says a lot about you, but your jewellery reveals the details, the quirks - all the parts of a personality which make you interesting.


Founded by Aleen Apanian, The Dark Horse Jewellery is the ultimate online destination for coveted designer and hard to find artisan jewellery from around the globe.

Launched in 2012, Aleen wanted a place her muse could head to and fill her jewellery box with treasures she could love forever.

A beautiful piece of jewellery will not only change your look, it has the power to transform the way you feel from the inside, ' said Apanian, 'it can be so special it is pass on from mother to daughter and becomes a personal part of your identity. The Dark Horse Jewellery is about offering my discerning buyer that very unique piece of jewellery which becomes their signature.'